Gooseberry Health Benefits For Human Body

Today we are going to tell you about the  amazing health benefits  of Gooseberry (Amla).

Vitamin C is more than lemon or orange in Gooseberry (Amla). If you eat a gooseberry every day, you will be relieved of the common diseases this season. Apart from this Amla has many health benefits.The Indian name of Gooseberry is Amla.

Health benifits of gooseberry are-

Lose Weight –

By eating Amla , increases metabolism and weight decreases rapidly.

Heart problem –

Eating it reduces the level of bad cholesterol and prevents heart problems.

Digestion –

It helps in digestion  and also helps in the problem of constipation by eating it.

Diabetes –

Eating Amla will keep blood sugar level control and prevent diabetes.

Weakness –

In gossebery, the amount of Vitamin C is high, so that the energy is maintained and weakness is removed.

Facial Glow –

By eating it, toxins are removed in the body and the glow of the face increases.

Healthy hair –

Antioxidant in this enhances the brightness of hair and eliminates the problem of hair fall.

Cancer –

Antioxidant in Gooseberry prevents ccarcinogeni cells from forming and is beneficial to protect against cancer.

Joint pain –

Gooseberry  has anti-inflammatory properties which help in protecting against the Joint pain.

Gooseberry Health Benefit

Gooseberry (Amla) will benefit from eating this way >>

With honey –

These two contain antioxidants, which increase the glow of the face. It helps in making hair black and thick. Eat together in a chopped  amla powder.

With black salt –

Amla  and black salt both have anti-bacterial properties which help in the prevention of respiratory illness like asthma. Diet is fine by eating it.

With turmeric –

Antioxidants present in both of these help in weight. It is effective to increase  the growth of hair. Eat together in a chopped amla powder.

Amla juice –

Drinking it increases metabolism and helps in reducing weight. This is effective in avoiding heart problems.

Amla Chutney –

By eating it  blood  sugar levels  control and diabetes is prevented. It helps to enhance the color of skin.


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