Bad Habits That Decrease Our Age(Humans)

In this post we are going to discuss about the

bad habits that decrease our age.

In day-to-day activities, we make some mistakes which have a bad effect on health. Due to these mistakes, the fear of serious diseases like heart, disease, cancer, high BP and kidney disease increases. Their bad effect falls on our age and the age starts decreasing. So let’s know about those bad habits that can reduce the age.

These habits are decreasing age, leave immediately >>


Too much alcohol –

Drinking excessive alcohol can lead to high BP, high blood fats and heart failure, weight gain will also increase calories, which increases the risk of heart disease.


boy wake at late night

Waking up late in the night –

Waking up to long may cause depression, stress, obesity, acidity, indiscipline. You can reduce your age by these.


over eating


Overeating   increases obesity. If the weight is high, the cholesterol level increases in the body. This increases the risk of high BP and high disease.


More use of skin care products –

Frequent skin care products can be skin damage due to change or excessive use. Can be skin disease.


Use of more salt –

eating more salt can lead to high BP problems. This increases the risk of kidney damage and heart attack manifold.


Bad habits that decrease our age

Watching TV for hours –

Staying in front of the TV for long is harmful for Hart. Because of low movement, blood circulation is not done properly, thereby increasing the risk of heart disease.


Drink less water –

Drink less than 8 or 10 glasses of water a day, toxins stored in the body can not get out. It has a bad effect on the kidney function, which can cause kidney stone problems.



Cigarette –

tobacco is a blood clot. In such a situation, the body’s blood circulation does not happen properly and the fear of heart attack increases




Eating more medicines –

Due to the habit of taking antibiotics or more painkillers for every minor problem, the kidney has a very bad effect. Avoid eating such medicines if not very necessary.

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