Almonds Health Benefits for human body

Here  are the 21 health benefits of almonds for human body.

Introduction –

Almond trees are found more in mountainous areas. Its stems are thick. Its leaves are tall, wide and soft. The fruit inside its fruit is called almond. Almond trees are found in large quantities in countries such as Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, etc. in Asia. In our country, its trees are found in Jammu and Kashmir. Its tree is very big. There are two species of almonds, one bitter and another sweet. Almond is nutritious. Almond oil is also extracted. Bitter almonds should not be used in us because it is harmful to the body.


Almond is hot, greasy, semen enhancer, and vaude depletion. Sweet sour almond is semen and eliminates pitta and vata and enhances cough. Its use is harmful to the patients suffering from blood related disorders.

Instead of eating almonds in such a way, soak it in water at night and it is more beneficial to take out its peel in the morning. The plain almond contains tannin which prevents the destruction of nutrients present in almonds. If almonds soak in water at night and eat it in the morning, then the tannin is removed. The eating of this nutrients in the almonds starts to be completely absorbed in the body. This is 10 benefits of eating almonds soaked in water.

1.Diabetes –

Eating it keeps blood sugar level control and protects against diabetes.

2. Reduce the effect of agging-

Soaked almonds contains antioxidants which reduce the effect of aging.

3.Strong mussels –

Proteins are more in almonds, so that the muscles are strong.

4.Heart Problems –

Low-fat almonds have low levels of bad cholesterol which help in preventing heart problems.

5.Helps in constipation –

Strengthens fiber dyes present in it and helps in relieving constipation.

6.Healthy skin –

Vitamin ‘E’ in almonds soaked in water at night, which makes skin soft and shiny

7.Cancer –

Falvonidus in it helps to prevent cancer

8.Pregnancy –

This contains omega 3 fatty acids that help in pregnancy.

9.Strong Teeth –

It contains Phosphorus which strengthens the teeth and prevents gum problem.

10.Helps in increasing Fertility-

It contains folic acid which helps in increasing fertility

12.On the mad dog’s bite-

4 grams of almond mixed with honey mixed with it, the poison of poisonous dog is removed.

13.Healthy teeth-

Burning the almond peel, mixing salt in it, rubbing teeth on the teeth turns the teeth clean and bright. Mix the camphor and cardamom in it for the fragrance.

Burning the almond peel of the fruit, make a coal and take 100 grams of its powder. In this add a small gram of cardamom, grated almonds and 10 grams of camphor and grind it into fine griddle and keep it safe. The teeth are cleaned and rubbed on the teeth, and the gums are strong.

Burn the almond shells and cover them. Grind the second day and add as much ash to its fifth part, mix it with alum or rock salt and grind it. With this powder, the teeth are cleansed as well as all the diseases of the teeth are also removed.
Barks raised by Bhilavana (a wild tree): Applying almonds is beneficial by putting it on bark raised from Bhilawan (a wild tree).


Mix almonds and saffron in the cow’s ghee or put it in the head or for 3 days almond molasses should be prepared or put almond and ghee in milk and put it in the head. It cures headache in a short time.
Grinding almond and camphor in milk and applying it on the head, the headache pain and headache disappeard.

Grind almond seeds with vinegar and form it as athickened substance and where it has a headache, it can remove headache, citric and addiction.
Soak 10 grams of almonds, 6 grams of Brahmi Buti and 7 whole black peppers on the night and after cooling down the peel, peel them in the morning and add sugar candy to it and drink it for 40 days. it happens.
Massaging the almond oil after pain in the head relaxes in headache pain.

15.For the growth of the metal-

15 grams of cow ghee should be taken 10 grams of butter or fresh khova, almonds, sugar, kinchol, honey and cardamom for 7 days. Let the almond fall soaked in hot water. After that, remove almond peels and grind them fine. Boil it with milk and boil it. By mixing sugar and ghee in it, the increase of force and semen increases and the brain becomes faster.

16.For the coldness of the brain-

Peel the almond and roast it on the fire and eat it with sugar. After one hour, the butter and sugar should be eaten. After this, putting almond oil in the head three times a day produces coolness in the brain.


750 grams of almonds, 250 grams Khoa, half kg of sugar, 5-5 g nutmeg and mace, 5 grams of saffron, 5 grams Vanshlochn, 5 grams Kmlaksh, 10 grams cardamom, 10 grams of cinnamon, 1 kg sage, 10 g Nagakesar, grind together 45 grams of bhadana and 3 grams of cloves together. After this, almond and khoye roast in ghee. After this, add all the medicines to the sugar syrup and cook it. By eating this semen increases. The body is strong and strong. Air disease is far away. After the fever is over, the weakness that comes in the body gets much relief from eating it at that time.

18.Burning in urine:

Soak 5 grams of almonds in water. Then peel them 7 cardamom and the gain in overall sugar according to taste and powder 1 glass twice drink burning urination in dissolved twice a day in the water …


10 grams almonds soak the water overnight and take 12 grams of butter and sugar candy in the morning after removing its peanut and eating it continuously for 1-2 months. If this is not possible, then grind 7 almonds, 10 grams of mishri and fennel for 40 days and drinking it with hot milk during the night at night, the weakness of the brain is removed and the light of the eyes increases. If this experiment is not possible then grind 10 gram almonds finely and add half a kilo milk. When the milk comes to boil 3 times, it should be taken off, cooled and mixed with sugar. Almond kernel and fennel grind fine in equal quantity. Take it on a spoon night while sleeping. This exercise also increases the strength of the brain, it also removes headaches and physical weakness.

20.All kinds of diseases of the eyes:

Drying almonds in diseases like eye drops, eye irritation, eye irritation, eyes tiredness, grind in the morning and drink water in the morning, drink water and drink milk from the top is beneficial.


By taking 5 almonds in water in the morning, chickenpox puffs up quickly and quickly gets cured.

Harmful Effects :

There is a type of poison in bitter almonds, so it is important to be careful that it is not used in food. Apart from this, almond consumption is also not beneficial for people suffering from blood related disorders.

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