Cricket Game Shocking Truth In India

Do you know the reality of Cricket Game in India?Here we are going to tell you  about the worst reality of Cricket Game in India.

The people of India are not aware of this shocking thing that for 20-22 years this Cricket Game has been deliberately promoted. And so much has been promoted that a class trying to think of society should get stuck in cricket game and stop thinking of all others. As this globalization has increased, the promotion of cricket game is so much that one match does not end, the second starts, then the third, the match remains in the match and the thinking class looks at the match.

Trapped the thinking of middle and upper middle class.

And do not see the match, that mother-in-law is also a daughter-in-law, see her story, her story, see her story. Keep watching movies, TV Keep watching So keep on being trapped To think mean no thoughts came to her mind. And its adverse consequences is that India’s middle class and upper middle class, which should have been at the forefront of it, is watching the country robbing the country for the last 20-22 years.

Cricket Game And T.v serials has been happening in a very systematic manner.

It has been seen happening in a very systematic manner. Ask the families who did not have the first T.V. in the family, before going to the extent to which the arrangements were made, there was debate on every activity from the beginning to the evening. This news has come in the newspaper, the news came in Magazine. There was curiosity to know or we used to go to neighboring or the neighbors used to come to us. There was talk in the neighborhood. Discussions or debates happen. If the relatives used to go here or they used to come here, different topics were discussed.

The thinking of Self-centered part of society  trapped in cricket game.

But since the house was in the house “Saas too Kabhi Bahu Thi”, your my story, its story, its story, all these TV serials have come, there has been no discussion since then. The channel has arrived, and The match has arrived. All the arrangements in every house were broken, no relatives are going to go here, no one is coming here. If you accidentally go somewhere, then TV If you are a beginner then nobody is willing to talk.

A part of the society which is self-centered, it is fierce to be falsified in cricket game and the second category which can handle the arrangement of the house, from that time till the evening, be engaged in T.v serials.

This is the only job left. And when you have such an arrangement then what will you do for the country, will you think for the society?

In 20-22 years a lot has been aranged in cricket game and T.v serials.


cricket game shocking truth in india

In 20-22 years a lot has been arranged. On one hand a booty party has started, and on the other hand, if there is no rebellion for it, then let the rebels get trapped in TV. And from TV to cricket and serial to cricket, from serial to cinema and After the cinema and in a little nonsense and see today, the class with education, which is a class, will not be able to see how many exams are being examined. May be failed in the examination.

Cricket Game comes in the time of Exams.

And they repeatedly test that the craving of cricket in India has come to the fore, so they keep cricket matches at such times when the exam is absolutely necessary. Now they have now seen that there is no shortage in the number of those who are either exams or father of the test, in the number of matches. So now they have understood that there is no shortage of cricketers in India.

Match fixing in cricket game.

Now they have understood that now this birth has reached very high. So keep on abusing this genus and keep your mind around you. And in the game of cricket, when all the countries have come to know this, let’s first know that all the matches are fixed. India’s team went to play in London, the match was not there, but the London Times had already been impressed that the series of India and Pakistan has been fixed. And who was printed. The result also came. Mohammed Azhudin had accepted openly. The CBI report also came in that every single player was a bigger fixer. There are fixers until the manager. (This is an old sentence, even after this, the Azharuddin was banned)

Everything  is pre planned  in cricket game-

Everything is known, but the crowd is still growing. Everyone knows that the six will seem to be still, but still the applause  Know that these fixes are already growing madness in advance. If people tell what is fun then they say that we will see what makes the difference, the fun in it. So leave the job, quit the job and watch the match. Looking for a holiday takeaway, watching the match with the discharge of the holiday. The English used to play cricket in the cold, to take a shower and look here, there is a lot of sunshine in April and cricket is going on.

Leave everything and watch the cricket match.

One more thing is that on the day of cricket matches, private and government offices, shops, nooks leave everything and watch the match everywhere. The government office lets the work stop by putting excuses. See the match.

Think how much time and money is spent on the country, and nothing is available. And what is the big player you call the God of cricket. They never go to the Rajya Sabha only, they get their salaries and facilities. Which runs from the country’s poor tax money. It does not go where the law and order of the country are discussed .. and a match will reach the same corner of the country.

See the truth of the fixing in this video >>


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