Jersey Cow Milk Harmfull Effects On Humans

Jersey cow milk harmfull effects on humans.

Please do not drink Jersey cow milk ,In this post we are going to tell you about the harmful effects of jersey cow milk and healthy effects of Indigenous  cow milk.

Please do not respond to any such post without full  reading!That you made indigenous and exotic in the cow! Hey cow is mother, you have made a good mother to mother too !! But friends are the truth that this jersey is not a cow, this is auspicious! You must have heard the story of Putna that Lord Krishna had come to kill with milk and this is the same cow.

First of all, you know what is the identity of indigenous cow and foreign jersey cow (swine)? The great sign of identifying the native and foreign cow is that it is a thick hump on the back of the native cow, while the jersey cow’s back is flat! You must be surprised to know that jerseys do not drink cow’s milk except India!

Jersey cow is found in most countries in Denmark, New Zealand etc. In Denmark, the total population is more than the cow! And you will be surprised to know that do not drink dairy foods! Why not drink Because it is possible to have cancer, knees and pain are common! There is a great reason for having diabetes (this is the reason for the sugarcane cow’s milk! Denmark’s tea also drinks without milk!) The Danish government gives it to the sea when the milk is high, there is a line very popular! Milk is a white poison ! And as you know, in 36,000 slaughter houses in India every year 20 million 50 cows are cut and 72 lakh metric tonnes of meat is produced every year, it will be sent to the US and then to Europe and then to Arab countries. Confirms! Will Swol in your mind of the American Why not eat the flesh of his country’s cows?

Actually, the cow and cow in Europe and America have very serious diseases and they have a disease called Mad cow disease! With this disease, the limbs of the cow and the feet go on and on the wounds, normally it is a serious disease to the jersey cows. Now if any meat of this diseased cow is eaten then it can have more serious diseases than this! Therefore, people of Europe and America nowadays their country’s cow eat less meat, they have more demand of cow’s meat in India. Because India’s cows do not have this disease! You will be surprised to know that the jersey cows have this disease because they are also given non-vegetarian food so that the meat in their body increases more! People of Europe and America feed cow to meat. Meat is primary for them. There is no tradition of drinking milk, they do not even like drinking milk!

So he has made Jersey cow so thick in the last 50 years that he has become more than the buffalo! The original species of cow in Europe is holstein friesian, Jersey. It is very strange that there is no quality of cow in it! All the faults in buffaloes are visible in the Jersey cow!

For example, the Jersey Cow does not have any attachment to its survival and the Jersey Cow never knows its child! Sometimes it happens that the cow in the Jersey cow goes with another jersey cow, there is no problem with it.

But whoever is a native cow of India, she loves her hild so much that she has an attachment that if anybody sees her child with a bad look then she is ready to die! The biggest feature of the native cow is that she recognize her child in a crowd of millions and that child recognizes his mother! Jersey cow could never walk on foot! Try to run, then sit down! While this is the specialty of the Indian cow. How high it will be to climb on the mountain!

Sometimes you can revolve around the Himalaya mountain, as far as the height of the human being, you will get to see the native cow! You go to Rishikesh, Badrinath, etc. As you go to the height of 8000-9000 feet, you will get to see the native cow! Jersey cow has to be plucked up to 10 ft. The full nature of the jersey cow is like a buffalo. It is so often that jersey cow should sit on the street and people from the rear become crazy by playing horan but she does not remove it! Because I do not have to do what I want to be removed !!

In general, the jersey that these people of Europe thinks about it, that it has been developed from the genes of pigs (pigs)! God has given the cow just to India and you will be surprised to hear that whatever jersey cow it has been extended in Europe and America, all of which were enhanced by artificial insemination and you all know that there is a scope for artificial insemination Even the animal jeans may want the pig, put it in it! So it has been developed from pigs! And he is made pregnant even by artificial insemination. He has been running there for the past 50 years !!

Europe and America are the nutrition expert! They say that if  we drink jerseys cow’s milk and eat her meat it is possible to have cancer in 15 to 20 years, pain of knee occurs immediately, sugar, arthritis, ashtma and such diseases 48, hence a campaign is going on in their country nowadays. Eat less of your cow’s meat and eat more of India’s safe cow meat! That is why the European Commission has settled with the Government of India and every year 72 lakh MT meat is exported from India, for which 36000 Custodians are operating in this country.

Friends, people of their country are not eating their cow’s flesh anymore or drinking milk! And the leaders of our country are so lazy to kill their cow in one way and on the other side, their swine Jersey cow is brought to India and we are destroying them! The most jersey cows from Punjab and Gujarat .And a serious thing you would be surprised to hear that many companies selling ghee in India import jersey cow’s milk from outside!

Milk is divided into two categories: A1 and A2! A1 Jersey cow A2 Indian native cow!

It would be that these companies have to make ghee more and more every day. Now to save such a cow, nourish them, they do not have all these! And if you can not keep such a cow in this factory then what do these people do, from Denmark, A1 milk (jersey cow) is invited as a powder in the form of powder! We have been selling ghee to them all! And we all have a compulsion that you can not do anything against them because there is no law in India which says that Jersey cow’s milk should not drink A1! If you have the law then only you will do something? Not here to check the A1 – Lab! The leaders are happy to sell the country.

So you are the most requested that you drink only the milk of the indigenous cow and make fertilization and farming from the formula given by Rajiv Bhai by his dung. The identity of the native cow was mentioned above that we have a thick hump on his back! Indeed, this hump takes some different types of tricolor from the sun, making it pure to its milk, urine and dung, which has so many qualities in it! The cow mother first came out from the sea-shake, which is called Kamadhenu, boasting cow mother, that even the item left out of its body will not be worthless! Milk, we drink, urine becomes medicinal, dung is cultivated! And the dung gas car runs, electricity is made! The radiation from the Sun comes in its body, due to which it gives golden qualities in milk and its milk is golden (like gold)! And even 1 gram of cow’s milk does not increase cholesterol!

Drink milk of the native cow from yesterday and ask your milk brother who he is giving to you by bringing the milk of the cow (though many milkers will not know the difference between the nativecow and jersey cow) You tell the milker that you only drink milk of the nactive cow ! And ghee too eat of the native cow !! For more information about cow’s ghee, know this!

The cow’s ghee is mainly 2 types of ghee and one is the one to eat in the pancake nose and the cure! (The cost of Panchgavya Ghee is less because 2 -2 drop occurs in the nose or in the navel, it cures 48 diseases (8 to 10 thousand liters of liters), but 10 ml is the same month! The real method of this is in Ayurveda There are only people in India who make the same way in writing!

If you have ghee in the method of removing ghee from the cow’s milk in Ayurveda, then you will get 1200 to 2000 rupees! Because 1 kg of ghee is 25 to 30 liters of milk! The reason for being expensive is that the number of country cows is going to work, the slaughter is happening, though this is the best ghee! But in a different way, nowadays it has started extracting! From which milk is prepared to remove ghee directly from the cream! Now the problem is that almost all the companies sell either buffalo ghee or sell jerseys by singing the cow’s ghee!

If you have to eat ghee, then India’s largest cowshave – the world’s highest grosser is that it is named in Pathramada Gao Shala in Rajasthan. There can be three lakh native cow in Pathmeda Gaushala can eat their ghee! The biggest feature of their ghee is that they sell only domestic ghee ghee! The only difference is that it is made out of a creamy manner, but still native cow milk is very good  as compared to  buffalo and jersey cow milk. But its price is slightly more than ordinary ghee, it is available in 1 liter of 600 rupees! If God is more economically pleased than you, then you eat ghee as a native cow !! Eat less but never eat jersey !! And milk also always drink the native cow!

And finally know one more thing. Now these foreign people are beginning to realize the importance of the cow of India. You must be surprised to know that taking the best cow of cow’s cow (cow cow) into its country of Germany, Millions of dollars (one million of a cow is selling! While in India this cow cow is only 5000!) Friends, the first thing you want to do for the country, protect the cow, cow protection is India The Classroom !!

In this video, look at the difference between jersey cow and Indegenous cow >>                                                                                                                                                  

Jersey cow milk a1and Indigenous cow a2

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