Malaria:Home Remedies For Malaria

Home Remedies for treating Malaria.

Malaria is a carrier-borne infectious disease, which is spread by protozoan parasite. Male anopheles mosquito is the carrier of parasite of malaria. On bite, malaria parasites begin to grow into red blood cells and grow. The symptoms of anemia begin to emerge. The symptoms of include dizziness, breathlessness, and so on. Apart from this, symptoms like fever, colds, emotions, and acne are also troubling. In severe cases, the patient may also get unconsciousness. Malaria is one of the most prevalent infectious diseases and it is a public health problem.

In case of malaria, the patient feels very cold. In this fever, the patient’s body    remains between  101  and   105 degrees    Fahrenheit. Along with this, the patient’s liver increases in malaria.

However, some home remedies can  be effective to avoid malaria. The  biggest advantage of any home remedy is its harmless effect. Many doctors are now advised to take antibiotics and other natural remedies for serious diseases such as malaria. However, despite all the medical progress we have not succeeded in eliminating malaria. In  such cases, malaria can be treated with some home remedies. Let’s learn how to treat this disease  naturally.

Treatment of naturally occurring malaria


Giloy is an Ayurvedic Bell, which has the qualities of fighting all types of fever, especially malaria diseases. Mix honey in the decoction or juice of Giloy, consuming 40 to 70 ml of regular amounts of fruit in malaria. For this type of fever, crush giloya about 40 grams and mix the water in pottery and keep it covered overnight. By mashing it in   the morning and drinking it eighty grams of milk in the day, the fever is dispelled.


Basil (Tulsi) is given special place in Indian culture. It is also considered sacred. Basil is used in the treatment of many diseases. If you have a place to plant trees in or around your courtyard, then plant basil must be planted. To treat malaria, grind 10 gram basil leaves and 7-8 chillies in water and take it in the morning and evening, the fever is cured. You can also add honey to it. Along with many qualities, Tulsi proves to be helpful in killing mosquitoes.


Ginger consumption is also very beneficial for enhancing the taste of food as well as for treating malaria. Boil with a little ginger and add 2-3 spoon raisins in it and boil it with water. Keep boiling it until the water is half low. If it is a bit cold, take it twice a day. This helps in reducing this fever. Apart from this, if the use of Harsingar leaves is done in combination with ginger juice of sugar, it is beneficial in this disease.


4.Azadirachta indica
Neem tree is famous as anti-malaria-resistant. This is anti-virus tree. Malaria is mainly caused by bites of mosquitoes. Sickness, shivering, high fever, unconsciousness, sweating on landing fever, are the main symptoms. In this disease, the decoction of neem stem bark thrice thrice a day is beneficial. It provides relief in fever. Grind some neem green leaves and four black pepper together. Then boil it in a little water and boil it. Drinking by filtering this water benefits. Apart from this, by mixing coconut or mustard oil in neem oil, massaging the body also results in controlling fever caused by mosquitoes .


Guava is useful in this disease. If someone has malaria, then he must feed him guava thrice a day. Will be very effective. Vitamin ‘C’ is very high in its peel than guava. So do not eat guava without removing the peel.

It is very beneficial to give fresh fruit and fresh fruit juices to treat malaria. At the same time, the fluid should be kept in intervals for some time. Especially lemonade Apart from this, it is also good for moderate exercise and walking. But remember, all these natural remedies are not an option for medical consultation. You must be careful about consuming essential medicines.

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