Vasco Da Gama:The Biggest Liar in History

Vasco Da Gama :The biggest lie in history that we all were taught in school.

About 500 years ago, Vasco Da Gama came to India. In  the history book, we must have read that Vasco Da Gama came to India on 20 May 1498.It was told in books of history that Vasco Da Gama discovered India, but it seems like when Vasco da Gama discovered India, it was probably not India before that. This is the country of thousands of years, which is already present in the world of Vasco da Gama’s father grandfather. So  why it is said that Vasco da Gama invented India and discovered India. And I believe that he is absolutely wrong.

Vasco Da Gama made no search of India, Hindustan was earlier, India was already, Vasco Da Gama came here to loot India, one thing and in history, according to me It is very wrong to say that Vasco da Gama was a very brave sailor,  was a very brave military commander, a brave soldier, and had gone on the campaign to explore India, there was nothing like that, the truth is that Portugal kv was Don of that era, was Mafia. Just as in today’s world, there are many mafia kings in India, there is no need to take their name, because the purity of the temple will be eliminated, just like all Don and Mafia King were in the 15th Century in Europe. And the 15th Century was Europe.

There were two countries strong enough in that time, one was Spain and the second was Portugal. So Vasco da Gama, who was the Mafia King of Portugal. Around 1490 Vasco da Gama used to do all this in the work of theft, robbery, robbery in Portugal. And if you search for true history, then a thief and robber were misrepresented in our history. And the one who was Don and Mafia was such a second robber and Don of Portugal, the mafia was his name Columbus, he was of Spain. So what happened was, Columbus had gone to rob America and Vasco da Gama came to rob India yearly. But in the minds of both of these, where did such a thing come from, who in Columbus’s mind, let’s put America to the robbery, and who put Vasco da Gama in mind, let’s throw away India’s year. So who were the people to say these two to? I am repeating the same thing that Atul Bhai was saying.

What happened was that between the 14th and the 15th century, there were only two countries in Europe that were considered powerful, one country was Spain, the second was Portugal, then there was often a fight between the two countries What were the fighting feuds that were the looters of Spain, when some were robbing some of them, their property would have come to them, just like some of the Portuguese used to be robbers, they would have possessions when they used to loot the jaws. Th , He had to fight the property which will over property. Spain will have more property or Portugal will have more property. So many times the quarrels which were used to the distribution of the property were taken to the religion. And the religion that was there at that time was the power of Christianity, and in the power of Christianity, there was a pope around 1492, which was called Sixth,  Pope. So there was such a dispute, between the powers of Portugal and Spain, and what was the quarrel?

The quarrel was taking into account that the spoils of the goods were to be shared in which of them. So the Pope issued an ordinance at that time. Order issued, issued a notification. In 1492, what was that notification? The notification was that after 1492, they divided the world’s property into two parts, and divided them into two parts that part of the world is part of the eastern part, and the second part of the world is the western part. Then Portugal will plunder the property of the eastern part and Spain will take over the possessions of the western part. These orders were issued in 1492 by the Pope. When issuing these orders, the basic question that is, is that whether a Pope has the right to divide the world into two halves, and appoint two different countries to loot those two parts? Span told you to loot the western part of the world, told Portugal that you loot the eastern part of the world and in 1492 the orders and bulls that were issued in the country still execute.

An idea of ​​how dangerous the religion of Christianity can be, it seems that he believed that the whole world is ours and that the two parts divided into two parts will plunder the Portuguese eastern part, the Spanish people will plunder the western part. Since Portugal was ordered to loot the eastern part of the world, Vasco da Gama came to our country to do the same thing from the Pope’s side. Because India is in the eastern part of the world. And Columbus went to America to retain the same loot. History tells that Columbus reached America in 1492, and in 1498 Vasco De Gama reached Hindustan.

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