Vicks Vaporub and Iodex Are Dangerous Drugs

No country creates poision like Vicks Vaporub and iodex,but in India ,every thing is going on.

Hello friends, you are very much welcome in our website again.So friends are the subject of our discussion today vicks vaporub, iodex and endosulphan. According to Rajiv Dixit ji ,there are many multinational companies in India that sell more dangerous poison than Union Carbide or trade. These companies have kept such many dangerous units so far. God forbid that incidents like Bhopal are now in another city.

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If you ever get a chance then go to Gujarat, you can travel from Ahmedabad to Mumbai. And believe that you have to keep the nose closed all night. Because in the railway track there is more deodorant than the limit that becomes inhospitable. The reason for this is that there are a lot of factories and factories in those cities,  which  make  very  dangerous poisons and chemicals. Which rarely makes people in the world.

There is a  very  dangerous  poision   called “Endosulfan”which is everywhere Banned in the world. But its largest production unit is located in Gujarat. There are many more poisons that make more than 750 companies. Know where from where these people get permission to make poison. While we are suffering from the Union Carbide accident in Bhopal  till today. Yet the  employees  and employees are not affected by this and they are engaged in making this poison.

Here is the list of banned drugs including Vicks are showing bellow in the image:-

Vic vaporub

Corruption in India is increasing day by day. There is no rule law here. And if it is, then they are bribeed and broken. Apart from this, poison is becoming like Vicks Vaporub in our country, poison like iodex is being made. The Iodex is Banned in more than 150 countries. But our India has been making and even advertising this dirty poison. If we get a little injury or sprain, then we immediately get iodax. But no one knows that the drug is not poisoning.

In America,the doctor who writes the prescriptions of vicks vaporub is stripped of his degree.

In US ,if a doctor writes a prescription of someone VICKS vaporub, then that doctor gets jailed for 14 years, his degree is snatched away. Since vicks  vaporub is poison, it can make asthma, asthma, bronchial asthma. That’s why the scientists around the world declared it poison. And this poison is sold in India with the help of ads.

But do you know ?? does India have one law ? According to that law, the advertisement of any drug can not be given in TV, newspaper, or any magazine! But despite the power of money, all this happens with bribe! Advertisements of drugs are shown in TV, newspapers etc. And these vicks, vaporub medicine is sold to you! 25 grams of 40 rupees So 50 grams of 80 rupees and 100 grams of 160 rupees. Meaning 1 kilo vicks of 1600 rupees! 1600 rupees a kilo of poison you are putting yourself and putting your children! Which can cause asthma, asthma, bronchial asthma, TB !!

So there are two reasons for sickness in our country: one poor people who can not get the medicine and fight with diseases such as anemia and die fighting. And secondly, rich people who spend their money and are also taking medicines, they are given poisonous medicines.

It is impossible to write all, watch this video >>

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