Ayurveda Rules:Life Changing Rules

These Ayurveda rules will Change your Life.

Here we are going to tell you about the life changing Ayurveda Rules  which makes you always healthy and fit.There is a small request to all of you, if you want to  be  healthy,  be healthy, then  follow  the AshtangaHridyam orAyurveda rules in  your  life. These Ayurveda Rules are as follows.

Life changing Ayurveda Rules:

First rule-

Do not eat anything or drink anything kept in the refrigerator. Whatever thing is not stored in the fridge and which has touched the touch of the wind, and eat the light of the sun too. Meaning, make everything fresh for eating. Do not eat food which is kept in the fridge.Do not keept  milk,curd  and all the eatables in the fridge, then the health will come automatically in your life.

Second Rule-

AshtangaHridyam or Ayurveda  has the second law, if the life is to be healthy then do not drink cold water. Heat the water and drink it. It should be as warm as your body, because hot water cleanses the body very well. Toxins fades the West out of the body. It also helps in digestion. Lukewarm water keeps the entire mechanism of the body. If you consider Jain philosophy, do not drink too much water. Because there is life in it. So every time fresh means drink water and lukewarm water.

Third Rule-

Chew the food so many times as your teeth, that is, chewing 28 to 32 times. According to Ayurveda Rules , chew the food so much that it can be found with saliva such that it is like water. There   is   no  possibility of  any  illness happening in life any time.

Fourth Rule-

Drink water whenever you drink water, like drink hot milk i.e. drink sip and drink it. So that more saliva along with water goes into the body. Saliva is what keeps the three, Vata, Pitta and Kaffe balanced. If humans have to stay healthy then 4 to 5 liters of saliva are required every day. And it is possible only by drinking water by sip sip. Those who have pain in the ankles will end in 3 days. If there is a joint pan then it will run in 12-13 days. Drink too much sophistication, drink water, move the water in the mouth a little and then drink again. If your weight has increased, then the month will be reduced by 2 months. The person who weighs 140 kg, drink 9 liters of water with a sip,  his weigh become  reduced to70 kg, without any Yoga, Exercise.

You must have seen how the dog drinks water, by the sip, and never heard the dog has been diabetes. The bird drinks the water with a sip, raising one drop, that is why the bird does not have arthritis, there is no joints pan, there is no diabetes, there is no cancer, there is no hypertension or there is no migraine. She is healthy, she is healthy. Just he takes care of drinking the food we do not keep, so he does not get sick, we are sick.

Fifth Rule-

The bird never eats at night and the man eats at 12 o’clock in the night. The bird will never drink water with food, they drink water at noon. All the animals follow this rule. The most foolish buffalo, he also follows the same Ayurveda rule, will eat enough food in the morning and drink water at 12 o’clock in the afternoon. But the man has gone more than the buffalo,he keeps drinking with the food.

So do not drink water after meals, drink it from 1 to 1½ hours. In the morning when it is awakened, the day should start with water, not from tea. Those who start the day with tea have 1 to 68 diseases. And those who start the day with water do not have any disease.

Sixth Rule-

At least in the morning, if you drink a glass of water, it is better to drink 2 glasses and it will be better if you drink 3 glasses. Both the intestines are cleansed after drinking water. And if both of the intestines are cleansed then do not worry that he will ever get sick. Rajiv Ji used to say that he was never ill and never went to the doctor, did not even eat a half tablet and did not even get an injection; people would ask which medicine you eat, then Rajiv ji say that he never eat  medicines he strictly  follow the Ayurveda Rules .

He says that if the water was not found in the early morning ,  they would not go to toilet for a some time when the water was found only when the toilet was used. He used to wash his face without getting up and drinking water cleaned. At night, I used to clean my teeth and go to sleep. Whenever they drink water, they used to drink sip. And did not drink cold water cold water ever. Drink water at least 1 to 1½ hours after eating.The only difference between you and Rajiv Bhai is that they have never copied Europe and America. They say that if you are thinking about thinking things in life then they will never be sick. Do not imitate Europe and America without thinking.

Seventh Rule-

If you want to avoid mental illnesses or you want to avoid them, then keep following a small Ayurveda rules that if you sleep on the night then sleep in the east direction your head should be in East direction  or you should  sleep in the south direction and your head should  in the South direction. Always leave north and west direction. The direction of north and west is to sleep rather than to worship. You will not get mental illness the day before you wake up by sleeping with head and head. And the diseases that do not come to sleep at least will end you.

So make  your  bed  direction in  the  east direction today. If you fall asleep on  the ground then you can easily sleep in the  east direction and your head should be in East direction.

Eighth Rule-

If you ever eat food, never imitate Europe and America, do not eat meals in the chair or table. If you go to a wedding or party somewhere, then you can take your food in a plate and eat it anywhere with ease. In this we are not going to be small. You will not be fooled, but those who are standing who are eating are silly. The best food in India is to sit in comfort posture and eat after eating and eat for at least 10 minutes. And at least 10 minutes after lunch, make sure you have enough weight. And relax for 20 minutes. And after 10 minutes after dinner, make sure to wait for 10 minutes and then go for a walk. Take at least 500-700 steps.

Ninth Rule-

Take these 10-12 Ayurveda Rules that Rajiv ji have said, that will make you healthy and do not need to do anything. And you have everybody to request that your children give a ritual of these things to your children. Add them to the habit not to drink water with food. If you say that food is stuck in the throat then tell them to drink lassi, drink milk but do not drink water. After lunch, drink the lassi  after the meal, drink the milk after the meal and after morning food give the juice but do not drink water.

Drink water one hour later. Always drink water by sip sip. The children who received the sacraments then they are not forgetting. And they will stay healthy throughout life.

If accidentally got sick, do not take allopathic medicine as it is a medicine made by the cold countries, so all the medicines are hot. And if you eat hot medicines living in hot countries    then    there   ar  fierce      side  effects.  If Chikungunya’s    patients  eat   alopectic medicines, their shoulders will always   be painful in the waist, the feet will  remain swollen and the food will not be swallowed. And those who   are taking   homeopathic medicines will recover after working within two days and no side   effects  will   occur. America’s very big doctor screams shouting that there is no medicine in the allopathic. It’s just poison and just die and die if you want to die.

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