Organic Farming:Method Of Organic Farming

Today we are going to tell you all the information related to the organic farming.

This post covers 3 topics of organic farming These topics are :

1.Method of making chemical free pesticides for organic farming.

2.Seed culture method for organic farming.

3.Method of making organic manure for organic farming.

Biological pesticide drugs can be made by the farmers themselves, at low cost.

Better than any foreign company’s pesticide from 15,000 rupees per liter of pesticide, the insecticide   of the indigenous cow (Gau Mata) or the desi bull is made from the urine itself. These indigenous cow or desi bulls can make pesticides from the urine itself. If there is any insect or animal in any crop, to eliminate it, to kill it, then a formula for it, you write that it is very easy to make pesticides, any farmer can build a house

1.Method of making pesticides for organic farming are  discussed below.

organic farming:Method of organic farming

For one acre farm if pesticide is to be prepared then:
1) 20 liters of any indigenous cow  (desi gaumata) or desi bull urine required.

2) Mix 20 grams of urine in about 20 kg urine (about half a kilo or more), by grinding neem leaves and mixing chutney, 20 liters in urine. Neem is also good with neem leaves.

3) Similarly, there is a second leaf called Datura’s Leaf. Mix about a quarter keti of coriander leaf chutney in it.

Organic Farming:Method of Organic farming

4) There is a tree which is called akra or data, is called arkmadar in ayurveda. Its leaves are mixed with roughly a kilo kg of chutney.

5) Which is called Belpattri, whose letters you send on Shankar Bhagwan. Balepreetri or Vellapatra’s address is mixed with a few kilos of chutney in it.

6) Then add the sauce of betel nut or roasted pea powder in it.

7) Tobacco powders from half kg to 750 gms and pouring.

8) Put 1 kg red chilli powder in it.

9) Put 2.5kg leaves of Argemone Mexicana (besharam ke pattey) in it.

Organic Farming:Method of Organic farming

Preparation of organic and chemical free pesticides for organic farming

So, take these five-six kinds of tree leaves to 2.5Kg. Grind them by boiling 20 liters of indigenous gumata or indigenous bull in urine and boil it in a pound of tobacco powder from one to ten grams to 750 grams. Boil it, boil it, and make it cool, and by cooling it you keep it in bottles. It never gets worse These insecticides have been prepared. How is it now? Mix as much as 20 times as much water as pesticides

If one liter of pesticides takes 20 liters of water, 10 liters of pesticides, then 200 liters of water, as much as the pesticide is ready for you, imagine that you, add 20 times its water. With water you can sprinkle it in the field on any crop.

Results of organic and chemical free pesticides

The result of sprinkling this is that the insects and crop worm will not show you the crop on which you sprayed within two to three days, the worms and the insects all completely end in two to three days, the ends Go. So effective are these insecticides ready. This is hundreds of times more powerful than the major foreign companies’ insecticide, and is totally focus, there is no cost to make.

Desi gau Mata or desi bull urine is available for free, neem leaves, nympholi, acetic leaves, potato leaves – all the leaves are available for free in every village. So you use it as a pesticide, as a pesticides.

2.Seed culture method for organic farming.

organic farming:Method of organic farming

Small formula for seed rites

The third information we want to give you is that the seed you put in the field to take good crop, before that, you first cultivated it, then put it in the soil. Want to tell a small thread to sow the seeds

Suppose you have to plant wheat seeds. So take the seed one kg. According to one kilo seed, I am telling this formula. If the seed is two kilos, then it will double it all.

Preparation of  seed culture for organic farming

Take one kilogram of cow urine or domestic oxen and take one kilo of urine of the same country Gau Mata or Desi Bull. Mix dung and urine together. Then add 100 grams of lime to it, color lime. Lime stone is easily found in the market. Put that limestone in water a day before it in 2-3 liters of water.

During the night the water will become hot, then it will sit under the limelight. Then stir it up Then put this 2-3 liters of lime in a vessel containing cow dung and cow urine or vessel. So put the seed well in the dung-cow urine and hundred grams of lime prepared in the solution. Any seed gets soaked in a kilo of it easily. Put the seed in it 2-3 hours. Put in the night, take out from the morning. Remove the seeds dry in the shade and after drying them in the shade, then put it in the soil of the farm. So this seed will look like in the soil, it has been converted.

What will be the benefits from this cultivated seed?

This processed seed has two advantages. At one time, there will be no worm-worm on crop. So you got rid of pesticides-disinfectant, the production of another crop was also good. So there is a formula for seed processing, there is a formula for making pesticides and there is a formula for composting, do the boom of these three mentioned sources in your farm and tell more to your farmer friends. I have a small request from you that in this one year of my farm see one acre and if you saw it in one acre, then the result was good and then in the whole year the next year. If it gets better then do it in the entire village farm, then do it in the entire district’s fields.

Best results of seed culture

Going to the village village, you should start teaching these dung-chorus formula to the farmers, in the same way, the dung-cow urine will be better with its farm. If their soil becomes good, so the soil became healthy and the grains born from it got healthy, the vegetables and grass were found healthy. If the grass will feed the animal, then the milk will grow and their diseases will be reduced. If we eat healthy food then our diseases will be reduced and the cost of the doctor will be saved, then all changes will start in the system, and I believe that even if a farmer has done this in a village, then within a year The village will do it.

3.Method of making organic manure (fertiluzer) for organic farming.

organic farming

Farmer can make self-fertilization at home in the least amount

The method of making fertilizer.

A simple formula which has been adopted by thousands of farmers in India in the past 12-15 years and has had a lot of benefit to them. Method for manuring a crop for any crop for any crop.

1) Once a 15 kg dung is found, and these dung should be of any domestic Gautama or Indian bull. Should not be foreign or jersey cows

2) Mix 15 liters of urine, the same animal that has been dung. Put them in a plastic drum.

3) Then put one kilogram jaggery in it and put it as jaggery which jaggery we can not eat, which has become useless, it comes in best work to make jag manure. Then add one kilos of jaggery (gud) in 15 kg cow urine, 15 kg dung in it.

4) Then one kilogram of dal flour (gram flour)

5) In the end, pick one kilogram of soil from any peepal or banyan tree and put it in it.

Preparation of organic manure for organic farming

After mixing these five items in a plastic drum, put them in the cage for 15 days after mixing them with sticks or hand. Staying around the pole in the morning for fifteen days. In fifteen days the manure will be ready. Then add approximately 150 to 200 liters of water to this compost. Now the solution which will be ready after mixing the water, it is enough manure for one acre. If there is enough manure for two acres, then multiply all the quantities.

If the field is empty, you can spray it directly according to the soil to soak. Sprinkle the pan in a box or sprinkle it in a spray pump, remove the spray pump’s nozzle, it will be easy to sprinkle.
If the crop is standing in the field, then when water is applied to the crop, it is to mix it with water.

When to put this fertilizer in the field?

You can put it again every 21 days, if you put it today, you can put it again after 21 days, then you can put it after 21 days. It means that if the crop is three months then put it at least four to five times. If it’s four months then add five to six times. If you have a 6-month crop then put seven-eight times, if you have a year’s crop then you will put it in 14-15 times. Every 21 days it’s got to kill.

Awesome results of organic manure

With this manure, you can take a lot of produce for any crop – wheat, money, gram, sugarcane, peanuts, vegetables have been seen by putting it in all sorts of crops. It has very good and very wonderful results.

What’s the best result of it? 60 percent of the cost of fertilizer for your life, he ended up in a jerk. Then what is the other expenditure that ends when you fertilize this cow dung-cow urine then the poison will be reduced in the field, then it will reduce the use of antihistamines and reduce pesticides.Urea, D.A.P. As the effect of this will be reduced from the soil, the insect and animal coming from outside will also decrease in your farm, then the cost of putting pesticides and pesticides will also decrease, and you have made it by composting for three to four years continuously.

If you do not need any medicines to kill it, then 20 percent of the pesticide expenditure will also be saved if you do not have any poisonous insects and animals in your farm. 80% of the cost of cultivation will save you. Secondly, about this manure that these are all for the crops. Animal dung and cow urine are easily found in the village. It is very easy to gather dung. It is also easier to get animals urine attached.

How to get the indigenous Gumata or indigenous oxen urine?

All the desi Goumata or desi bulls give Urine. You should do that, make sure that the place to bind them, make cement or stone, and place that shield slightly and then make a groove in it and put a stove in the middle. Whatever animal the animal will do, it will come together from the drain and get stuck in the pit. Now there is a feature of the indigenous Goumata or Desi Bull’s urine that it has no expiry date. 3 months, one year, two years, five years, ten years, in many days lying in the pit, it is not bad at all.

Therefore, you should use it in a whimsically manner, do not hesitate in mind that it is old or new.We have found that as much as the native Gau Mata or the indigenous bull’s urine becomes old, its convolution becomes as good.

All the multinational companies have an expiratory date of insecticides, and even then insects do not die and the farmer tastes it several times to see if there is no fake, then the farmers die, if insects do not die, multinational companies

Miraculous results of organic farming

It is better to use the indigenous Gauamata or the urine of the indigenous bull than taking pesticides. So use it in manure, this is a way. After three years of continuous use, the soil of your farm will be made pure and pure, a particle in the soil will not survive poison. And the production will be more than ever before. The production of the crop will be few in the first year but the cost of fertilizers will be reduced in one jat and production will also be increased every year.

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