Khajur(Dates)Health Benefits And Side Effects

Khajur (Dates) is one of the most nutritious fruits in the world. For centuries it has remained the main food of the desert areas of Middle East Asia North Africa. The delicious date  in Arab countries is a nutritious fruit which is very beneficial in terms of health. The unique gift of date nature is a popular fruit for its taste and medicinal properties. According to the Holy Quran, date is one of the holy fruits. The Muslim brothers and sisters break their palm after eating palm because it consumes energy. Islamic medicine has called it a peace-loving, stomach and heart-powered person who stops the subject from becoming infected by forgetting the subject. The palm tree is considered one of the most beautiful decorative trees in the world.

Khajur(Dates)nutrition facts :

Per 100 g

Carbohydrate                     74.97 grams
Protein                                1.81 grams
Fat                                       0.15 g
Cholesterol                          0g
Fiber                                    6.7g
Vitamin                               A149IU
Vitamin K                           2.7 mg
Sodium                                1 ml g
Potassium                            696 mg
Calcium                               64 mg
Magnesium                          54 mg
Iron                                       0.90 mg

15 health benefits of khajur (dates) are mentioned below-

1. Khajur helps in Cancer prevention –

As you know, today the extent to which cancer has increased due to which the research is going on to stop and has just come in a research that the consumption of dates will reduce both the risk and effect of stomach cancer. Khajur is very beneficial for the people of the age group and there is no harm so you can eat in such a way that you will benefit a lot.

2.Eliminate the lack of calcium –

There is calcium in the date, it reduces the food intake. Calcium deficiency causes bone weakness in the joint. You will overcome these problems by eating palm daily.

3.Healthy Heart –

Dates are beneficial to keep the heart healthy. By soaking the night in Khajoor and grinding it in the morning, the heart gets strengthened. Even after boiling it with milk, it proves to be very beneficial for the heart. Potassium found in date is also beneficial for heart.

This keeps blood pressure and heart beat normal. Dates also reduces harmful cholesterol LDL. This cholesterol fractures in the veins by blocking them and causing heart disease. Therefore, the use of dates is good for Hart.

4.Beneficial for Eyes –

Due to vitamin A in the date , it is beneficial for the health of eyes. Due to vitamin “A”, retina of the eyes prevents many types of infection. Khajur  should be used regularly to avoid the weakness of eyes with aging..

5.Nervous system care-

Dates contain all the vitamins necessary for the nervous system. These vitamins keep the functioning of the nervous system. Not only this, potassium present in it keeps the brain alert and healthy

6.Helpfull in weight gain –

It is a healthy fruit, contains sugar, protein and lots of vitamins. If you want to be lean, thin, or want to bring strength in your body then eat 4-5 dates with milk. Very soon you will understand

7.Do not feel insects in teeth-

Fluorine is found in date. It is a chemical that does not let the placenta remove the plaque from teeth and does not allow cavity. Not only this, it also strengthens the tooth enamel that means enamel.

8.Curable for skin and hair-

It contains copper zinc, it increases facial shining, hair is black and thick.

9.Strong bones-

There are anti-inflammatory properties in it, which helps in making strong bones.

10.Removing weakness-

There are carbohydrates in it, which helps in removing weakness.

11.Beneficial for cough and cold-

Due to cold and coughing, it is beneficial to drink palm milk. Mix black pepper and dates in milk and cure problems can be removed.

12.Helps in reducing the effects of Asthama-

By eating two dates in the morning and evening, the effect of asthma is less.

13.Increased Sex power-

In some research it has been revealed that dates are effective in increasing sex power. Estradiol and Flavonoid are found in date which help in spreading the sperm count.Men’s weakness is removed by eating khajur in empty stomach daily.It increases strength by eating it.

14.Beneficial for Pregnant Women-

Iron-rich dates are very useful for both mother and child. Nutrients present in date also work to strengthen the uterus muscles. Dates also provide the necessary nutrients to the mother’s milk. Also compensates for the bleeding that occurs after delivery of the baby.

15.Improved digestion, ran away constipation-

Khajur Dates contain plenty of fiber which is used to clean your digestive system. If the digestion is right then constipation will not be complained.

Know about the loss of eating more dates or side effects of khajur(dates) are discussed below-

Consuming any excess of the requirement can also cause harm,some of the damage caused by it is displayed below-

Some people may also be allergic to it,so consult a doctor before taking  it.

It should not be consumed by infants  or young children because it is a seed-rich fruit that can harm the children.

There is more calories in it than eating more dates increases weight.

Khajur increases blood sugar level,this can increase diabetes.

There is only more of fibers in it, eating more dates can lead to stomach ache or dehydration.At the same time it can lead to problems of gass.

Sugar is more in date than it can cause teeth to worsen.

Sulphate is used to maintain coating of dates,this sulphate causes Asthama disease.

Khajur has a mono-lite, it can cause chest pain.

Last Important thing-

Dates can be used in different ways but it is very important to wash it well before using it.Using this increases the taste of food and the energy comes in the body immediately.Its use in winter is highly beneficial.

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