Refined Oil The Worst Cooking Oil In The World

Don’t use Refined Oil,This oil can take your life.

Stop using Refined Oil,it is the root cause of all the dangerous diseases like heart attack,artheritis ,brain damage etc.To know more about Refined Oil read the full post.

50 years ago, no refinery knew about oil, it has come in our country for the last 20-25 years. Some foreign companies and Indian companies are engaged in this business. They circled and circulated through television, but people did not believe their talk, then they started calling through doctors. Doctors started writing refine oil in their Prescriptions, that the oil to eat, the oil of Saffola or oil of sunflower, Doctor does not say that you eat oil, mustard or peanut, now why are you all sensible.

Method of Making Refined oill-

How are these refined oils made? I have seen and you will also see if you ever see it. For refining any oil, 6 to 7 chemicals are used and for double refining these numbers are 12 -13. All of these chemicals are made by human beings, in the laboratory, there is no single chemical made of  God,God’s created meaning is given by nature which we call organic.

All the chemicals used to clean the oil are all inorganic and inorganic chemicals make poisons in the world and their combination only takes them to the poison. Therefore do not eat refined oil, double refine oil also by mistake.

Best oils to eat-

Then you will say, what to eat? So you eat pure oil, mustard seeds, peanuts, tesserae, or coconut. Now you will say that smell comes in pure oil and secondly pure oil is very sticky. When we worked on pure oil or told in a way that we did research, then we realized that the viscosity of oil is its most important component.

Loss of viscosity from the oil-

As soon as the viscosity is removed from the oil, it is known that it is not only oil, but we have seen that the smell that is coming in oil is its protein content, there is a lot of protein in pure oil, Most of the protein given by God in the pulses. Protein is the highest in pulses; the most protein after pulses is in the oils, the smell you find in the oil is its organic content for protein. 4-5 types of proteins are in all oils, as soon as you remove the oils smell, its protein component disappears and viscosity is removed, then its Fatty Acid will disappear. Now these two things are gone, then the oil is water, the poisoned  water.

Diseases causes by eating Refined Oil-

And eating such refine oil, there are many types of diseases, knee pain, pain in the bones, these are small diseases, the most dangerous disease are heart attack, paralysis, brain damage, etc.You can find these problems in the homes where refine oil is eaten  and yet I have noticed that the problems of Heart blockage and Heart Attack are happening in those who are using refined oil.

Refined Oil failed in laboratory test-

When we tested in Saffola’s oil laboratory, tested sunflower oil, different brands, so many AIIMS doctors were interested in it, so they also worked on it and whatever the doctors told them, I am telling that because the report is quite thick and it is difficult to mention all, they said, “As soon as you remove viscosity from the oil, remove the smell, then it is not oil. All the important components of oil get out and there is nothing left in double refine oil, and we are eating it, then the nutrients we should get through the oil are not available.

“You would say what we got through the oil? Let me tell you that we get pure oil from HDL (High Density Lipoprotin), it comes from the oils in our body, it is made in the liver but eat pure oil then. So if you eat pure oil then your HDL will be good and you will stay away from the possibility of heart diseases throughout your life.

Refined Oil is selling under the pressure of GATT and WTO-

India is selling the most foreign oil in the market now. There is a small country called Malaysia, in our neighborhood, there is an oil called Pamolin oil, we know it by the name of Palm Oil, it is now the highest selling in the Indian market, not two tons , Lakhs of crores of rupees are coming to India and other oils are adulterated and sold in the Indian market. 7-8 years ago, there was such a law in India that palm oil could not be sold in any other oil, but under the pressure of the GATT agreement and WTO, the law is now so that palm oil can be mixed in any oil.

World’s research about palm oil-

From the market of India, you bring a bundled oil of any name, whatever oil is available in the name of refine oil and double refine oil, it is palmoline oil. And whoever eats palm oil, I am ready to write on the stamp paper that he will die with heart related diseases. Because all the world’s research about palm oil explains that palm oil has the highest trans fat and trans fat is fat which is never dissolve in the body, does not dissolve at any temperature and trans fat when the body If it does not dissolve, then it grows and then there is heart attack, brain hemorrhage and man suffers from paralysis, diabetes occurs, blood pressure is complicated.

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