Simple Health Tips for man and women

Today we are going to to tell you the amazing  and untold simple health tips for man and women.With the help of these tips you will free from dangeous diseases and your body and mind will stay healthy without taking any medicines.

Here are 52 simple health tips for men and women are pointed below-

* Simple ways to stay healthy

1-90 percent of the diseases are only due to stomach.Constipation should not stay in the stomach. Otherwise there will be no shortage of diseases.

2-160 diseases are only made from meat!

3-103 diseases occur when we immediately drinking water after food. Drink water only after one and half hour of meal.And 48 minutes before meal.

4-Don’t drink water in standing position Drink only in sitting position.

5-80 diseases are caused by drinking tea.

6-48 diseases are caused by aluminum utensils or don’t use aluminium cookers for cooking food.

7- Alcohol, cold drinks and tea intake cause heart disease.

8- Eating eggs causes cardiovascular disease, kidney stones and kidneys.

9-The large intestine shrinks from the cold water (fridge) and ice cream.

10-Don’t eat or drink Maggi, gutka, alcohol, pork, pizza, burger, cigarette, pepsi, coke.because these foods slowly damage your large intestine and also damage your digestive system.

Simple health tips-

11- Don’t take bath after eating,if you take bath after eating your digestion becomes less and the body becomes weak.So you always taking bath before eating,this will beneficial for your body.

12– Hair coloring dies(haircut) causes loss of eyes (blindness also).

13- Eating salt(salted substances) with milk (tea) becomes a skin disease.

14–Shampoo, conditioner and various types of oils are used to make hair fall. These shampoo ,conditioner and oil contain chemichals which could be harmfull for our body. So don’t use these products.Use only Ayurvedic products.

15- Don’t  bath With hot water, if you bath with hot water your body’s immune power decreases and the body becomes weak. The eyes are weakened by putting hot water on the head.Always bath with medium cold water.

16- Don’t use tie because it damage the eyes and the brain.

17-There is pain in the knees (joints) by standing up and drinking water.

18- Standing and leaving urine causes damage to the spinal cord.

19- By applying salt after cooking, blood pressure increases.

20 -Strong sneezing causes damage to ears.

simple health tips-

Simple health tips-

21..Breathing through mouth.Age is reduced when breathing through mouth.

22- Lull over the book worsens lungs and is also afraid of decay (TB).

23- By eating neem leaves in Chaitra month, blood becomes purified, malaria does not occur.

24- Tulsi consumption does not lead to malaria.

25- By eating radish daily, the person remains free from many diseases.

26- Everything is best for pomegranate, myocardial infusion, chronic cough and heart diseases.

27- Arjuna bark, gourd juice, basil, mint, seasonal, rock salt, jaggery, bran flour, peeled grain medicines for heart patients.

28- Digestion is good after eating paan, jaggery or fennel after food. Do not indigestion.

29-Sucking the mulhathi helps in comes out of the cough and the sound is sweet.

30- The water you drink  should always be freshyou should drink water from the handpumps, wells etc. Don’t drink the bottled water or fridge water because fridge and bottled water is the cause of many diseases.

Simple health tips-

31- Lemon prevents dirty water diseases (liver, typhoid, diarrhea, stomach disorders) and cholera.

32- By eating grain the body’s immune system increases. Therefore, wheat should always be thicker.

33- Do not drink water immediately after eating foods made from fruits, sweet and ghee or oil.

34- Food should be eaten within 48 minutes of cooking. After that, his nutritiousness starts decreasing. After 12 hours, animals are not worth eating.

35- Dosage 100% in cooking pot, 97% in bronze vessel, 93% in brassware, 7% only in aluminum utensils and pressure cooker.

36- Wheat flour should be used for 15 days old and gram, jowar, millet and corn flour should not be more than 7 days old.

37- Children below 14 years of age should not feed any flour(Maida) (biscuits, brad, samosa etc.).

38-Rock salt is best for eating,followed by black salt spot. White salt is similar to poison.

39-Applying anything of potato juice, turmeric, honey, aloe vera, on the burn, irritation gets cured and there is no blisters.

40-Mustard, sesame, groundnut or coconut oil should be eaten. Domestic ghee should be eaten only. Refined oil and vegetable ghee (Dalda) is poison.

Simple health tips-

41-The toe of the toe of the toes, soaked by mustard oil, itching of eyes and redness is healed.

42-The lime of panmakes up to 70 diseases.

43- Injury, swelling, pain, wound, and absence of fibromyalgia for 5-20 minutes on it quickly gets better. Using a magnet on bone breaks is fine in less than half time.

44-you should use Mishri, jaggery, honey, native (raw) sugar,But don’t use white sugar because white sugar is poision.

45 The turmeric should be set on the dog bite.

46- Earthen pot  should be used for cooking food because earthen pot keeps 100% nutrients of food.

47-Don’t use Toothpaste and brush,you should use datun of neem,babul,guava etc instead of tooth paste and brush.if you use datun of neem ,Babul and guava your teeth will be strong.

48- If it is possible, then it is good to not read and write after sunset.

49- Good sleep and good (fresh) food is essential for being healthy.

50- Waking up till late night weakens the body’s immune power. Digestion of food also does not happen properly, there are also eye diseases.

51- The morning meal should be like a prince, like the king of noon and a beggar of the night.

Hope you will apply it in your own family too.

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