Safe Diwali Tips:Health tips on Diwali

Hello my dear friends, today we are going to tell you about Safe Diwali tips or how to take care of your health on Diwali.Diwali is not only celeberated in India but it is a festival to be made in the whole world.Diwali is a festival of happiness. But on Diwali, according to which the pollution emanating from the firecrackers is very harmful to our body.Pollution from firecrackers reduces the oxygen because it requires oxygen to burn fireworks.

Patients with polluted oxygen – Asthma Patients, Blood pressure patients are very disturbed.Ears are damaged by a lot of noise from the firecrackers. The smoke coming out of some firecrackers is harmful to our skin and eyes,there is a lot of trouble in breathing from the polluted environment on Diwali.

Here are some of the Safe DiWali Tips mentioned below-

Eat sweets instead of fruits-

There are many types of sweets made on Deepawali but nowadays, most of the sweets are spoiled by our body and stomach balance. With adulterated sweets, we can have vomiting and diarrhea, so you can enjoy fresh and sweet fruits in the food on Deepawali. Take it

Yoga and do a lot of exercise-

Bold Sugar – Blood Pressure – Heart Patient – Asthma Patient – Patients should do yoga and exercise in abundance – as there is no escape from the night out in polluted environments and in the morning enclosures, enamel-embolism, Kapalbhati and races.

Patients of diabetes-

The patients of diabetes survive from eating sweets – because the sweet can increase your Bold Sugar Level, if you have a desire to eat more sweet, you can eat a little bit by squeezing the juice of Rasoglu, or patients of Bold Sugar can eat fresh and sweet fruits.

Blood pressure and heart patient-

Blood pressure patients should keep their blood pressure control – because the smoke coming from the firecrackers in Deepawali reduces the oxygen deficiency in the atmosphere, in such cases, the pressure of the heart and the heart patient is very difficult to breathe.

Asthma  patient survives-

Diwali has always been dangerous for asthma patients because asthma patients need Diagnostic oxygen to be rich in diarrhea. Many asthmatics have a risk of life due to the polluted environment. Asthma patients are advised that they will be exposed to polluted environment. Do not come out and keep your asthma pump together.

Do not use these things-

Alcohol – Tobacco – Junk Food – Avoid things made from bottom-base.

Do not burn fast fire crackers-

Always burn crackers low voice at Deepawali – Never crack the crackers with 80 to 120 decimable sounds because this heavy noise damages the screen of your ears. This overwhelming voice can tear off the screen of your ears, always less than 30 decimals or 30 decibels. Burning crackers burn.


Safe Diwali Tips

Use glasses while lighting firecrackers-

Use glasses while lighting the crackers – Because there is phosphorus in firecrackers, after burning firecrackers in the hand, we put our hands in the body or the eye. In contact with the eyes, the presence of phosphorus in the eye and in contact with the skin It may feel irritable in coming, so always use glasses while lighting firecrackers.

Keep Medical Kit-

Cotton (cotton)
Antibiotic medicine
Painkiller drug


safe Diwali tips

Use the mask while burning crackers-

Use the mask while burning firecrackers, because the phosphorus smoke found in firecrackers goes into our body and damages the lungs. Phosphorus is also harmful for the eyes.


Asthma and blood pressure patients do not leave the house to avoid polluted air on Diwali nor use the adulterated things made from outside.

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