Papaya Farming:Advanced Method Of Cultivating Papaya

Advanced Papaya Farming Methods

Papaya Farming

Papaya Farming can be a better alternative for you in terms of farming. In recent times, due to hybrid varieties in the market,earning money from papaya is easier than ever. You can earn up to Rs. 10 lakhs in one season by cultivating one hectare papaya. The specialty of papaya is that its crop is prepared quickly and starts harvesting in a year. With the same crop you can also yield 3 years. Because of this, once the tree is ready, the cost becomes less. Let’s know about the cultivation of papaya and how it is possible to earn.

Most Parts Of India Do Papaya      Farming-

India is a suitable country in the field of papaya farming. It can be grown in a temperature of 38 to 44 degree Celsius. This type of hoax is found more or less throughout India. The minimum temperature for cultivating papaya should be 5 degrees. Meaning you can grow it in areas adjacent to the mountains. In this regard, if you live in any corner of India then you can cultivate papaya.

What Are The Varieties Of Papaya In The Market-

Many indigenous and multi-foreign hybrid varieties of papaya can be found in the market. Many varieties of papaya have been developed on behalf of Pusa. These develop varieties include Pusa Mastui and Pusa Giant, Washington, Solo, Coimbatattur, Honeyide, Kuhnhniddyu, Pusa Dwarf, Pusa Delliesius, Ceylon, Pusa Nhanal etc. Foreign varieties include Taiwanese red lady and some Israeli varieties also gives good yields.

Yield For Papaya Farming-

,A healthy papaya tree gives you fruit up to 40 kg in one season,you can keep a gap of about 6 feet between two feet and accordingly, you can prepare about 2250 trees in one hectare. Accordingly, you can produce 900 quintile papaya in one season with a hectare papaya crop.

Be Sure To Take These Precautions While Papaya Farming-

Papaya plant is very sensitive, so take special care of the temperature around it. The hot wind in the summer and the cold of the frost damages the papaya. To avoid the damage of papaya  make sure to stop the air in the east -west of the field.In the case of frost, you can use the indigenous technique to smoke in the fields and irrigate the fields. Heavy  water is also damaged for papaya. Therefore, there should be arrangements for water extraction in the field. There is a possibility of collar rot disease in the case of watering.

How Much Earning From Papaya Farming-

A hectare of papaya can earn you up to Rs. 10 lakhs in a season. You produce about 900 quintals of papaya in one season from one hectare farm. In the wholesale price you will also sell it for Rs 15 per KG, you will get Rs 1500 on a quintal. Accordingly,you have a crop of about 13.5 lakh rupees.The cost of cultivating one hectuter papaya comes to about Rs 3 lakh.Plus 20 thousand rupees you have to spend in the seed. Even after spending 30 thousand rupees on other expenses,you can earn about Rs 10 lakh in one season.

Take Good Quality Of seed 3-

Papaya’s fine variety of seeds falls slightly expensive. Good quality of seeds 3 You get around 2800 rupees per 10 grams. There are about 700 seeds in 10 grams.During transplanting and generating, 50 percent of your seeds get destroyed and 50 percent can be grown as a plant. Therefore, keep a special mark of seed.

Where Do You Contact-

If you want to cultivate papaya, contact your state’s Krishi Vigyan Kendra. Apart from this you can contact the office of your block or the District Development Officer. Apart from this, you can also get information from seed shops in the market.

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