Wheat Grain Health Benefits,side effects etc

Introduction Of  Wheat Grain :

Wheat grain is a type of diet that is used in the use of food and is an important place for wheat in all food items. Nutritious elements are more in wheat than all types of grains. Due to its usefulness it is called King of grains. Wheat grains production is highest in our country India. There are many varieties of wheat like hard wheat and soft wheat. Wheat white and red are of two types in terms of apartheid. Red wheat is considered more nutritious than white wheat. Besides, there are many varieties of wheat like Bajia, Janagarhi, Sharbati, Sonara Pusa, Bani, Bansi, Poonamiya, Takadi, Daudkhani, Kalyan, Sona and Sonalika etc.

Many things are made from wheat flour, bread, potato, bread, puri, cake, biscuits etc. It is used as a food. Wheat contains less fat. Therefore, it is necessary to consume wheat or oil in the proper quantity with wheat flour roti and it increases the strength in the body. Consumption of wheat with ghee can reduce the intake of gas in the stomach and not constipation.

wheat grain

Wheat grain health benefits:

Wheat sweet, cold, heavy, smooth, air and bile removal, cuff maker, metal extender, connecting broken bone, extracting stool, running life force and stimulating hunger it happens.

The plant that grows on the germination of wheat is called a jowar. This jowar is about to increase blood and sperm in the body. It is destroying pitta and air, enhancing power in the body, protecting the body’s color and it is going to increase the power of life. This juice of this jowar beneficial in cure diseases of pitta. Acid, blood vessels (blood disorders caused by heat), burning, burning of the body, bleeding in the body, bleeding (bloody TB), metal erosion, fatigue, heat, miscarriage, Genetic juice is beneficial for urination, urination in urination, blood clots, nose bleeding, constipation, weight loss due to heat, bile fever etc..

The wheat grain plant has the divine power to refine the body and keep it healthy. Disease-related diseases can also be cured by cancer. Apart from this, chronic incurable diseases of Bhagrdar, piles, diabetes, jaundice, fever, asthma, cough etc. can also be cured by the juice of wheat plant. It is particularly beneficial to remove the weakness of old age. Breathing on the fierce bursts and wounds, it immediately relaxes.


It is yellow, red and white.


It is mild sweet.


Wheat is used in food form more.


Its nature is cold.

Side effect of wheat grain:

Consumption of high amounts of wheat can be harmful to the eyes.Wheat made of flour is heavy in digestion. Therefore, those who have weak digestion should not eat wheat flour or pulse of wheat flour. Those who have weakness of digestion, who have diarrhea, dysentery, fever or air disorders, consuming wheat for them is not beneficial. Even wheat flour is harmful for those who have diseases like cough, stomach disease, stagnant etc and it is not beneficial for the consumption of wheat flour for newborns (for the first time pregnant women).


Wheat can be compared to barley.

Properties of wheat grain:

Wheat’s bread is a good meal for a healthy person. It increases the amount of blood in the body, makes the body fat and healthy. After chewing wheat with the teeth and grafting it on the gilts, the gilts are cooked quickly and after that it gets cracked. If its dough is cooked with poultice ghee and neem, it is beneficial for fumes and wounds. Its oil is beneficial for epilepsy. Wheat juice mental and physical weakness, constipation, indigestion and other stomach diseases, hypertension, insomnia, hemorrhoids eye and ear diseases, hair loss, menstrual problems, asthma and respiratory diseases, diabetes, bladder Diseases, stones, jaundice and liver disease, sexual dysfunction and cancer are beneficial in diseases.

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