Ayurvedic Treatment For Arthritis And Home Remedies

Today we are going to tell you about  Arthritis its types causes,symptoms,Diet for Arthritis, Ayurvedic Treatment for Arthritis,yoga for arthritis,home remedies for arthritis.

Arthritis is also called rheumatoid arthritis, is a type of joint inflammation.It can affect one or more pairs.Symptoms of arthritis usually develop over time, but they can also appear suddenly.Arthritis ie arthritis is seen in those over 65 years of age, although it can also develop in children, teens and young people.Rheumatoid arthritis are more common in men than women, especially among those whose weight is high.

Arthritis is mainly of two types –

Osteoarthritis (osteoporosis)
Rheumatoid Arthritis (Rheumatoid Arthritis) *

Symptoms of Arthritis-

Pain, stiffness and swelling are the most important symptoms of arthritis, as well as during the rheumatoid arthritis, the affected body may get red.This can reduce your walking speed too.In some people the symptoms of arthritis are more effective in the morning.

You can experience pain in the knee, hip, shoulder, arms or any combination of the whole body.You may get tired of rheumatoid arthritis or you may feel a loss of hunger due to slowing down the activity of the immune system.
You may also develop anemia – thereby reducing the amount of blood in your body, as well as sometimes a severe attack of arthritis, the patient may have a fever.

If severe rheumatoid arthritis is not treated during the day, it can cause joints to spoil.

Causes of arthritis-

Cartilage is a soft and flexible tissue of your joints. When you move and put on the joints, it saves the joints by absorbing pressure and shock.
Common injuries cause osteoarthritis, it is one of the most common forms of arthritis.Infection in joints or injury can reduce the cartilage tissues of the natural amount. If the disease is already in the family, then survival of the possibility is further increased.

What do you eat in arthritis-

Rock salt –

Rock salt has an excess of magnesium, so that it keeps the PH levels balanced in the body. It is very necessary to have a balanced level of PH in the body, because diseases such as arthritis emerge from high acidity.so you should eat rock salt and avoid sea salt.

Garlic intake-

Garlic is helpful in purifying the blood. Uric acid increases in blood due to excessive amniarthritis. With the effect of garlic juice, uric acid flows out of the urethra in liquid form

Apple cider vinegar-

Apple cider vinegar improves your digestion, especially digesting protein-rich food items. The aging of our stomach decreases and joint pain increases when aging. In this case apple cider vinegar is very helpful. Apple cider vinegar reduces joint pain by helping your body make more alkaline.


Ginger improves blood flow and circulation. Especially good for more sensitive people who experience pain in the joints during the cold season. Taking two hundred grams of ginger twice a day for people troubled by joint pain, there is great relief in pain. If you want, you can also eat ginger with vegetable, soup or other things.

Chamomile tea-

Chamomile tea is considered to be the most beneficial for arthritis. The anti-inflammatory substance contained in it is beneficial in treating arthritis. You can take it as a tea or as a food. It prevents the formation of uric acid in the joints.

Avoid these diets in arthritis-

Avoid eating dairy products in arthritis. Foods made with milk products can also increase the risk of arthritis. Because there are some proteins in milk products such as paneer, butter etc. which affect the tissues present around the joints, this can cause joint pain.

Do not eat tomatoes-

Tomato is very beneficial for our body, because it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, but it also enhances the pain of arthritis. In tomato, some chemical components are found that can cause inflammation in joints by increasing arthritis pain. Therefore, avoid eating tomatoes.

Sugar Diet-

Sugar causes inflammation in every part of the body, it increases swelling in your arteries. It causes more risk of atherosclerosis (accumulated fat inside the arteries of the arteries), and stimulates the secretion of immune cells’ inflammatory chemicals. Therefore, patients of arthritis should avoid eating sugar and sweet.

Alcohol and Soft Drinks-

Alcohol increases the level of uric acid, especially beer, and also prevents the body from extracting non-essential elements from the body. Similarly, soft drinks, especially sweet drinks or soda, contain an element called fructose, which helps in the growth of uric acid. According to a 2010 researcher, people who consumed high amounts of fructose, the risk of having arthritis doubled in them.

Yoga for arthritis-

Padmasan –

By doing this asana, you can get rid of stomach problems. Padmasan is very beneficial for constipation problems, knee pain, and back pain. To do this, sit on the ground and keep the legs in front of each other so that the edges should come near the navel. Then keep the upper part from the waist with the spine fully straightened. But keep in mind that both knees can not get up from the ground. After this keep the palms of both hands in the lap and stay firm.

Pawan Muktasan –

By doing this asana, the digestive system is good. Apart from this, Pawan Muktasan increases hunger. Pavan Muktasan’s practice is very beneficial for the patient of arthritis. Apart from this, Pawan Muktasan makes the bench wide and strengthens the spinal cord. By doing this, the liver, kidney, bladder and sex gland become more active, thereby removing fatigue, lethargy, and irritability.

Shavasana –

By practicing breathing, the body’s nadis are pure, healthy and strong. This asana is very beneficial for the back and spinal cord. Arthritis patients should breathe. It is very easy to do this posture. To do this, lie straight down by putting a gap on the ground. After this, close your eyes and leave your hands and legs loose. You can stay in this currency for 5 to 20 minutes. i

Pranayama –

Pranayam gives relief to the patients of arthritis. Arthritis patients should do simple pranayama every morning. For this, pressing the left nose should inhale the breath from the right nose and breathe out from both the noses.

Swargasana –

The practice of this asana gives benefit in stomach disorders. Arthritis is more common in stomach due to constipation. Everyday practice of cosmic discharge gives relief from stomach disorders and the problem of arthritis ends slowly.

Ayurvedic treatment for arthritis-

Kottam Chukkadi Thailam-

This oil is used to treat diseases caused by excessive vaat in the body. It is mainly used to relieve pain and swelling in joints. This oil is extremely useful for those suffering from sciatica (cytica) (low back pain), arthritis and spondylosis. It is made from ginger, mustard, garlic, meringa, mustard, sesame oil, curd and tamarind juice etc.

Penda Thailam-

There is a cold oil and is usually used for rheumatic disorders. This oil is extremely efficient in relieving joint joints and relieving inflammation. This is made especially for those whose body is made of bile more. This oil helps to reduce the bone loss by slowing the speed of diseases such as arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Castor oil(kapor ka tail)-

Massage of castor oil is extremely beneficial in arthritis pain. Massage of Arandi oil after being fearful, pain reduces in inflammation as well as relief in pain. It can be used twice per week.

Turquoise(ajwine) in mustard oil-

Add the coconut oil to the mustard oil and lightly massage the joints. It gives warmth to the joints, and also reduces muscular stiffness. Do it by sitting in the sun before bathing, there is a lot of benefit.

Punarnavadi Gugglu for artheritis-

Guggulu is one of the best herbs for treating rheumatism. It is very effective in the treatment of vata diseases. In this Ayurvedic medicine, Guggulu is accompanied by renaiva, trikkumu, triphala and some other powerful herbs that help reduce swelling of joints. Rejuvenation Gigulus also relieves the pain and swelling of the joints and keeps the weight of the body in control, which reduces pain on joints (on knees). It increases the functioning of the joints by reducing stiffness. Because it is effective in treating vascular disorders, it is good for almost all types of arthritis, but it is especially effective for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and gout. For its use, you take two tablets of it twice daily.

Dhanwantharam thailam is arthritis pain relief ayurvedic medicine

Dhanvantam oil, an Ayurvedic method, is an Ayurvedic medicinal oil which is very beneficial for the treatment of arthritis patients. It has properties to reduce inflammation and prevent rheumatoid arthritis from occurring. Therefore it is an effective massage oil for rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. It is also effective for other types of arthritis and is widely used in the world of Ayurveda to get relief from arthritis pain. This oil can be used regularly for daily massage. It also provides strength to your joints. This oil has no side effects, so you can use it for a long time.

Pancakarma Ayurvedic treatment for arthritis-

Panchkarma treatment involves various types of treatments that help in purifying the body and balancing the defects that cause disease. There are some panchkam remedies which are very useful in the treatment of arthritis such as ephemeris (medicinal oil massage), as the species (in this treatment, black gram flour is placed around the area of ​​arthritis and medicinal oil is kept in between. It is used especially for the treatment of knee arthritis) etc.

Treatment of arthritis involves some sweat therapies such as Elakizhi, which is also known as the characteristic pulse swadha. In this treatment, first of all, the leaves are heated with medicinal oil on the herbal leaves, after which it is applied to the affected area to provide relief.

Ayurvedic treatment for arthritis is ostricate tablets –

The ostricate tablet is a strong Ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of osteoarthritis. But it is also very good for the treatment of other types of arthritis due to the effective properties of digesting ama and calming the vata. This is a powerful inflammatory and pain reliever medication which helps reduce the pain and symptoms of arthritis. You can take 2 tablets of 2 to 3 times per day or you can consume it in a prescribed manner by the doctor.

Inflammation of joints due to low immune system is called arthritis. According to Ayurveda, arthritis is mainly caused by poor tissue defects and arthritis has been classified into three categories in Ayurveda on the basis of its fundamental causes and vata defects.

Home remedies for arthritis-


Basil(tulsi) Plant which is called the Holy basil(Tulsi)plant in India. There are properties to remove arthritis. This reduces inflammation of the affected joints within a 24-hour period and is therefore used worldwide in the treatment of arthritis. Eat at least 3-4 basil leaf or drink basil(tulsi)tea daily.

Turmeric –

With daily use of turmeric, the swelling is less. It is also effective on arthritis inflammation.

You can take 500mg or 1000mg of turmeric capsules.
You can also drink turmeric juice. Also add turmeric in hot milk and drink before sleeping.

Massage –

Massage from mustard oil in arthritis disease is very good. It cures tightness and pain. This is an effective treatment, which also increases blood circulation.

After lukewarm oil, you can also add onion juice to it. Now put it in the joint of pain in the joints. Now wrap it with plastic and then heat it with hot towel. Do this every night before sleeping.

Rock salt –

Rock salt has an excess of magnesium, so that it keeps the PH levels balanced in the body. It is very necessary to have a balanced level of PH in the body, because diseases such as arthritis emerge from high acidity.so you should eat rock salt and avoid sea salt.

Add half a cup of lukewarm water to 1 teaspoon rock salt and equal quantity of lemon juice. Now drink this mixer in 1 teaspoon morning and 1 teaspoon night.

You can add lukewarm water in the bucket and add salt in it, add salt to it.This will help in decreasing arheritis pain.

Cinnamon –

Cinnamon has antioxidant properties, making it quickly remove arthritic pain.

Mix ½ tsp cinnamon powder, 1 tsp honey in 1 cup lukewarm water. Drink it empty stomach every morning. Do this for a few days everyday.
Make a paste by mixing cinnamon powder and honey, now place it in a painful place, soon the pain will decrease.


Fenugreek also gives relief in this disease. Grind  fenugreek(methi)granules and make powder, now eat it with water every morning. There will be a difference in a few days.

Garlic –

Garlic is something that is available in everyone’s home. Garlic  also reduces  the  problem  of  artheritis.
You boil some buds of garlic in 1 glass of milk and boil it. After boiling for some time, cool it and drink it.

Also add garlic juice to the camphor, now massage it on a painful place.


All information given above is only for education purpose,Consult doctor before using these treatments.

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