Earthen Pot Health Benefits By Rajiv Dixit

Earthen pot

Ghee was also made in earthen pot. The curd was made in the earthen pot.Now I came to understand that why we got pottery in the country for thousands of years, we could also make aluminum See the thing I am going to tell you, Hindustan could also make aluminum 5000 years ago 2000 years ago because the crystal material of aluminum is abundant in this country. Bauxite, There are plenty of bauxite deposits in India. Karnataka,Tamil Nadu,Andhra Pradesh  are the large reservoir of bauxite. We could also make it if it is bauxite, it is not a difficult task to make aluminum, but we did not make it because we did not need it. We needed clay pots so that we made clay pots. Because of all the research and experiments on the same, a whole community of Kumar had been erected in this country. It is considered to be the dishes of a person who is a big scientist who is now this Kumar who is such a big scientist who has been making pottery in the country for thousands of years, in order to protect our health, we made him a lower caste.How are we silly people,Where are they down,tell me if the pressure cooker company is making pressure cooker they are high it is a man, how has  this Kumar been degraded.This high inferiority we put it in this country,it destroyed the country.

This high inferiority was put down by the British and some Muslims who were Muslims before them, and after the departure of some Britishers and Muslims, we have made it so convincing that the Kumar is a backward class in this country ,doing the greatest scientific work. Made of pottery, make the soil selection of your micro nutrients not allowed to reduce your micronutrien -ts.

Earthen pots are made from special type of soil-

You know that the utensils are not made from every single soil, it is a special type of soil. It works in the preparation of the utensils and is a special kind of soil which makes the soil handi, the other special kind of soil, which makes the kulhad, the third special kind .There is something else in the soil that it recognizes the soil that there is more calcium in it, magnesium is more so that the soil handi should be made from this.

There is less magnesium in it, so make it a kulhad, It is very fine and science work. All these potters are doing for thousands of years without any university, we should pay homage to them should be bowed down in front of them. How many great people are unfortunately, in the category of government, they come in the backward class, then the matter of pottery is that of pottery This is because everything is normal for the micro nutritionists, so we have less circulation of  the aluminium  utensils or other metal utensils.

Food and offering in all the temples are made in earthen pot-

For God no food is made in metal utensils, food and offerings in all the temples are mostly made in earthen pots. Remove the pressure cooker from your kitchen and bring earthen pots in your house because this pressure cooker is hazardious to your health.Then you will say that the lentils will be late in the same principle. I am sure in the farm that he will grow up in the house too, then you will say how time management will be, I will tell you simple.

Time management while cooking food in earthen pots-

Keep the pulse in earthen pot (handi) keep doing everything else. Keep doing all the work,pulse will be cooked in 1 hour or 1 and half hour, take off, abd eat. In the cooking hour of pulse,sweep your bed room, clean another utensil or do any work.Vagbhat ji says that we should not eat such food which is deprived of the light of the sun while cooking while making it and is deprived of the touch of the wind. It is possible that when you cook food in the open pot, the wind also comes in. The rays of sunlight also come in the open pot and the open pot is the best pottery.

You can also cook food in bronze, brass, pots-

You will say that if there is any thing after the earthen pot,then there is a metal in which you say people say that you have heard the bronzed, bronze. Perhaps you have seen it is also the second best in a house, the brass is third It is considered to be the best brass. Now in this bronze and brass we have worked that if we cook  pulse in bronze pots, then only 3% of micro nutrients are less and 97% are maintain.Cooking  pulse in brass pots,only 7% nutrients are less and 93 percent are maintain. but if you cook in alluminium utensils or the pressure cooker,the 93 percent nutrients are lost and only 7 percent are maintain.So you should not use aluminium utensils and pressure cooker because aluminium ware is hazardious to health.

You should go towards earthen pot-

Now you decide that if you want quality in life then you will have to go to the earthen pots or soil handi side of the quality of life. If you talk about the quality of life, then whatever foods you eat, give nutrients throughout the body.If you talk about the quality of life then you will have to go towards the earthen pot.

And I have started to say these things in the village in the last two years, the result of this is that the potency of potters has increased, the villagers in the village understand that they are doing a great job for us and I believe I have a lecture that if there is any significance, then the prestige of the potter will increase so much that it should be equal to the scholars because they are not below anyone. They are, even though they are making pottery, they are doing very scientific work, and they have made soil handi only Rs 80 to 100 rupees, the pressure cooker is Rs 800-2000 rupees and the most good thing Handi will be finished, its life will be fulfilled, then it will be recovered in the soil then it will become the same from the soil.

Health benefits of cooking food in earthen pots are-


The problem of gas stays away if you cooking  food in earthen pots. If there is a problem of gas due to sitting in the office throughout the day, then  you sould cook the food in the clay pot, In a few days you will get relief from gass.


2.Avoiding diseases-

Pottery dishes maitain 100% nutrients present in the food. By which our body gets all the nutrients, this nutrient works to protect the body from diseases.

3.Relief in constipation-

In today’s time many people suffer constipation. The reason for this is that people’s lifestyle is constantly changing. If you cook food in earthen pot then you get relief in constipation problem.

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