Hair Growth Remedies For Men And Women

Hair growth remedies for men and women.

Nowadays, the problem of baldness or too much hair fall has become common. Because of baldness, any person starts to appear larger than their age and if one hair starts flying then it is very difficult to stop them. Although there may be several reasons for hair loss, but due to genetic reasons, due to disorder, consuming poison, syphilis, ringworm, eczema etc. it happens.

Androgenetic alopecia-

Another genetic problem of premature hair loss is called androgenetic alopecia, which is commonly known as pattern baldmans.This is the common form of hair fall in both men and women, but the timing and pattern of baldness are different according to the gender. The problem of hair fall in men troubled by this problem can only happen from adolescence, while the problem of hair fall in women in this way occurs after 30. In men this problem is commonly known as mail pattern baldness. Here the hairline goes back and becomes sparse on top.

In females, Androgenetic Alopecia is also known as Female Pattern Baldness. Women suffering from this problem lose hair full of hair, but hairline does not move backwards. Due to androgenic alopecia in women, there is rarely a problem of completely baldness.

Causes of hair fall-

It is a matter of great concern for the people whose hair becomes white at an early age. Catering on hair health has a special effect. To stop the untimely rooting of hair, tea and confection intake should be reduced. Also, alcohol consumption should not be taken at all. Taking more sour, acidic food items in the food affects the hair. Oil and spicy meals also add to the problems associated with hair.Consumption of high amount of salt should be reduced.

Apart from these, mental stress, anxiety, smoking, long-term use of medicines, coloring of hair etc, increase  the process of hair loss and hair fall becomes faster. Going natural is the best solution for hair problems since it does not have any side effects its results are long lasting and  keep you hair life long healthy.

Here are 31 natural hair growth  remedies-

hair growth remedies

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Ginger mixed with honey juice. Apply it regularly on hair twice a week regularly. Hair fall will be reduced.

 hair growth remedies

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Multani Clay –

Multani clay is a natural and easy remedy for hair care in every way. It has been used for many years for women’s safety and care. Keep the multani clay soaked in water and let it be soft, let them know. Now add one egg and yogurt into it. Apply this paste on hair for 1 hour and after one hour  hair wash the hair with good mild shampo. This is a way to prolong the hair that helps it grow.

 hair growth remedies for men and women

Hibiscus rosa sinensis(Gudhal) flowers-

Treatment of hair by the flowers of (Gudhal) Hibiscus rosa is an ancient Indian tradition and in Ayurveda it has been told about this treatment. If you want to prolong the hair, then grind the red flowers of Gudhal with fresh leaves of Mehindi and apply it in the form of a mask in the hair and keep it for at least 2 hours and after this, wash with good mild shampoo. It is a natural way to make hair thicker.

 hair growth remedies for men and women


Radish we eat for salad. But the radish has a great advantage, especially to make the stomach and your hair dense. Eating half a month after eating food in the afternoon, after applying salt with black pepper, the color of the hair is clean and hair becomes too long. Use it for 3-4 months continuously.

hair growth remedies for men and women


Silk and sulfur are more in cucumber, which help in making hair thick. Therefore, those who have less hair on their heads should eat cucumber every day, hair becomes dense. Hair growth by washing hair with cucumber juice and drinking juice by adding cucumber, carrot and spinach to all.


Beetroot i.e. beetroot leaves, firstly, some leaves of beetroot boil in water so long that water should be halfway. Grind boiled leaves with henna leaves and make paste. Massively massage this paste on the head and wash the head after 20 minutes. Try this recipe three times a week and get a healthy hair.

Hair growth remedies for men and women with green tea

Green Tea-

Put two bags of green tea in hot water. Once the water is cooled, take out the tea bag and rub that water on the entire head. It can be used as a conditioner twice a week after shampoo. It also strengthens hair and also shines.


By eating 4 to 5 buds of garlic in the daily diet, hair is dense. Applying garlic juice and putting it in the head also results in hair growth.

Custard apple(sitaphal)-

Custard apple(Sitaphal) is the fruit that nourishes the body in many ways. Your hair gets dense in few days after eating custard apple (sitaphal).

Oil massage-

Oil massage in hair is the best natural remedy for hair lengthening. Before massaging, massage the hair slightly by heating the oil lightly. Massage improves blood circulation in the skin of the head, which gives the hair nutrition. With this, the hair is strong and dense. For this, mustard and coconut oil can be used. Massage the mustard oil with warm lukewarm on the head before bathing, leave the oil for half an hour and wash it later. Once a week the oil massage must be done.

Hair growth remedies for men and women


Aloevera is a boon for hair along with skin. Vitamins, selenium and many other types of nutritious elements in aloevera relieve the hair of the biggest enemy of dandruff, making the hair healthy, strong and long. Put the aloevera gel on the scalp and leave it overnight. Wash the head thoroughly the next morning or mix aloevera gel and honey with equal amounts, make a paste. Then put this paste in your hair for 30 minutes and leave it. Afterwards wash it well with water.


Henna is a natural conditioner for hair. Henna packs make hair stronger and thicker. Henna makes hair stronger and thicker from the root. Mix half cup curd in a cup of henna powder and leave it like it for about two hours. After this, paste this paste on the scalp. Wash it on drying.

Black walnuts-

Boil black walnuts in water and cool the water and wash the hair. Hair in white will turn black again. Always wash hair with cold and clean water.

Gooseberry Health Benefits


Make a green gooseberry paste and apply it in the hair roots or mix the lemon juice in the orange powder and apply it in the hair. Add the gooseberry juice, lemon juice and almond oil to the roots of the hair.

Fenugreek seeds-

Soak fenugreek seeds in the water overnight. Grind the fenugreek seeds in curd in the morning and apply it in the hair. Wash the hair after an hour.


Mix equal amount of water into a lemon juice and mix it. After shampoo, put it in the hair. Leave it for a while and then wash with clean water.

Cocunut oil –

Put a little curd in coconut oil and massage the head. There will be no two hair in it,hair  fall will also stop.

Goosebery with coconut oil-

Boil some pieces of (amla)Gooseberry in coconut oil. Boil the oil so that the gooseberry may turn black. Applying this oil in the hair and you wiil get  black hair with in two or three months.

Seasame oil-

You should use sesame oil once in a week. The continuous use of this oil stops hair fall.

Gourd with cocunut oil-

Boil gourd and boil in coconut oil. Filter this oil and fill it in the bottle. Massage of this oil will turn your hair black.

Yougurt,black pepper and lemon-

Add half a cup of yogurt into a gram of black pepper and a little lemon juice and apply it in the hair, it will be beneficial.

Guava leaves-

Make a paste of guava leaves in the hair, it will be beneficial.


Boil the potatoes and boil it in coconut oil till it becomes black. Applying this oil in everyday forces turns hair black.

Mango kernels with gooseberry(amla)-

Grind mango kernels with (amla)gooseberry and mix them with water. Put the mixture in the hair and wash the hair after one hour.


Grind tomatoes with curd. Add little lemon juice and eucalyptus oil to it. With this, massage the head twice a week. Hair will remain black and dense till long life.

Gooseberry with mehndi and lemon-

Boil the dry amla in water. Boil this water so much that it should stay half. Add mehndi and lemon juice to it and put it on the hair. It is believed that by doing this the cooking of untimely hair stops.

Fenugreek seeds,henna,basil leaves and dry tea-

Grind the fenugreek seeds and mix them in the henna. Mix paste of basil leaves and dry tea leaves in it and make paste. Put this paste on the hair for 2 hours. Then wash the hair with a herbal shampoo, it will be beneficial.

Coconut oil or oilive oil,and comphor-

Heat 1/2 cup coconut oil or olive oil lightly. Mix 4 grams of camphor in it. When camphor dissolves completely, massage it with oil. It must be massaged once a week.

Desi Ghee massage-

Massage ghee in the hair to make hair longer. You can also apply ghee in the form of amla oil and onion juice. Do this process once a week. It helps to soften your hair as well as to remove stubbornness.


The solution of every problem of hair is hidden in the onion. Onion is the main vegetable used in every house, without which no royal food is cooked.

Onion is found in abundance in an element called sulfur, which is very necessary for the development of hair. A common onion will double the speed of your hair growth.

You first take three to four onions and grind them and squeeze it out and take out its juice. Now put the juice in the root of your hair and let it stay for one to two hours and afterwards, with any chemical-free shampoo, Wash it

You must use this remedy for at least three times in a week. The result will be seen by yourself, but you have patience, you have to continue using this method every week so that your hair becomes darker and thicker.

Onion with honey-

Many people soon become victims of baldness, for that you take two tablespoons of honey and take half a bowl of onion juice and mix both well and massage it well on your head and at least half an hour or a After two hours, wash your head with a chemical-free shampoo and use this remedy at least three times a week, it will start growing new hair on your head.


The tips and advice suggested in the article presented are for general information only and can not be taken as professional medical advice. Before starting any kind of fitness program or making any changes to your diet, consult your doctor first.)

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