Cow slaughter and products made from cow meat

There are a total of 3600 big slaughter houses in India, who have licenses to cut cattle! What has been given by the government ! Apart from this, there are more than 35000 small slaughter houses which are running illegally! Nobody is going to ask anything ! Every year 40 billion animals are killed! Which includes cows, buffaloes, pigs, goats, goats, camels, etc. There is no record of how much chicken is cut! The meat is produced after the cow’s slaughter and the non-vegetarian people eat it a lot. 20% of India’s non-vegetarians eat meat every day and eat all kinds of meat. The other thing which is obtained besides meat, is oil! It is called tallow, as the oil that comes out from the cow’s flesh, to make the beef tallow and the oil that comes out of pork is called pork tallow.

Most of the oil is used in making face-like creams such as Fair & Lovely, Ponds, Emami etc. These oils are bought by cream making companies! And as you know, in the Madras High Court, Shri Rajiv Dixit won the case against foreign company fair and lovely, in which the company himself had said that we mix pork lime in this fair and lovely.

Then after meat and oil from animal slaughter, animal blood is extracted! Butchers hang cow and other animals with a rope, then sharp striped knives are stabbed on their necks and blood starts bleeding from one side. They also have a drum which is to collect blood, So most of the blood is used in making English medicine (allopathy medicines)!The popular medicine name dexorange is made from the  cow’s blood ,bull’s blood, and from fish and calf blood ,Dexorange is very popular medicine and the doctor writes it to women for the lack of blood, especially when she is in pregnancy, because then there is a shortage of blood in women and doctors prescribe them a medicine made of animal blood because they are treated with pharmaceutical companies. Get very heavy commission!

Apart from this, blood is used to make lipstick on a very large scale! After this, a lot of other companies use blood to make tea! now, tea is obtained from plants ! And the size of the tea plant is the same as that of the wheat plant! There is a leaf in them, they are broken and then they dry out! So the leaves are dried and sold off in packets! And the downfall that falls down to the comrades, which is called the dendrale, the last part! But this is not tea! Tea is the upper leaves of the tea plant ! Then what is done is made like tea! If we dry the lower part and put it on the water then there is no color like tea! So what does this foreign companies brookbond, lipton etc. do, and dry the blood out of the animal’s body and sell it in a box! In technical language it is called tea dust! Some of its companies use  this blood in making nail polish.

After meat, oil, blood, animal bone is produced from the cow slaughter, And the companies that make toothpaste named colgate, close up, pepsodent, cibaca etc etc! First of all, the bones are assembled! It is dried then a machine comes bone crasher! In this, its powder is made and sold to the companies.Many companies making shaving cream also use it.

And nowadays these bones have been used to make talcum powder! After bathing people use it! Because it is a little cheap! Well, the telcom powder is made of stone! And 60 to 70 rupees per kg and the cow’s bones get 25 to 30 rupees !! Companies use bones  of cow for this because cow bone is cheaper than stone.

After this, the skin above the cow is the most used of making the ball of cricket. There is a red ball that comes in white even today! Which is made from cow’s skin! The cow calf skin is more used to make the ball! The second one is the foot ball! Cricket ball is smaller then! But the foot ball is big, it is also made from cow’s leather.

This leather is being used very much in one industry nowadays.Shoes for slippers. If you buy any shoe slippers from the market! Which is leather and very soft, it is made of 100% cow calf leather! And if it is hard then camel and horse leather. It is  used in making leather purses, the belt which binds is also made from cow leather. It is nowadays used like decoration of things in house .

So animal and cow-like animals are killed. So 5 items are out.

The meat came out – the non-vegetarian people eat.

Grease oil – which used to make cosmatic.

Blood taken out – English Alopathy medicines, tea making! nailpolish lipstick!
Hudia – used in toothpaste, tooth powder, shaving cream! And tailmoon powder

Leather turned out- Use it cricket ball, foot ball shoes, sandal, bag, belt etc!

As mentioned above, 35,000 cow slaughter house are illegally run and 40 billion cows, buffalo, calf, goat, camel etc. are cut.So much the amount of meat that comes up is sold,Fat oil is sold,blood is sold ,bones  and leather is sold  So, these five things are a lot of experimentation and there is a huge market in this country.

Apart from this, there is some part of the body inside the cow! They are also used very much! As the cow has large intestine !! The way we have in our body ! It is there like this in the body of a cow ! So, when the cow is killed ! So, the big intestine is taken out separately ! And grinding it is made gelatin! Which is used in ice cream, chocolates, capsules etc.

It is rich in making the base material of its Ilwa Maggi, Pizza, Burger, Hotdog, Chawmin. And a jelly red orange color is used in gelatin !! Nowadays the use of gelatin has started in sago. Which we eat in fasting! So all these things are created after animal killings! And we knowingly used them in our life! And some people call themselves 100% Hindus! The vegetarian says! And they are using this meat somewhere! And they are corrupting their religion!

So you survived these most! And save your religion from being corrupted! Remember one thing, do not bring any items in your home looking at advertisements seen on TV! These are the biggest deception! Advertise for chocolate like cadbury nestle etc !! Coke comes pepsi! fair and lovely creams! colgate closeup pepsodent etc etc toothpaste !!

So you work with your brain and survive all these things !! Because the advertisement is displayed in which there is no quality !! The country’s cow’s ghee is sold without advertising. Neem’s  are sold without ads. Sugarcane juice is sold without ads.

The principle of advertising is to sell comb to bald man! Repeat the same thing again and again, to wash your brain !! So that you hear it once a day bring it in your house !!

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