Ayurvedic Massage For All Ages

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ayurvedic massage

If you want to know the joy of oil massage, then meet the wrestler by gently massage oil in the rising sun. The excitement and excitement that arises in the body from massage, can be realized only after doing a regular massage.Ayurvedic  Massage is so natural that animals and birds also take advantage of it in their own way. Animals feed their babies after lactating and licking their babies in a way. There is a need to feed the horse, its owner knows it. Birds also fill their children with peep and feathers.

This means that ayurvedic massage is a thing of great work. The history of massage in various human societies of the world is not new. If the women of Greece and Rome used to massage their own form for youth, then the massage was also practiced thousands of years ago to increase the body weight in Madagascar-Africa & wild castes. Prior to marriages in Africa, routine massage of both bride and groom has been practiced. In India, this tradition has been created till now with names such as turmeric and elsewhere like pithi.Travelers from Italy, Iran, Turkey and Arab countries will know how much importance is given to massage in today. In the western countries, there has been a lot of mass media services. France is playing a leading role in promoting massage therapy. There it is being adopted in terms of all-round medical profession and art.

It is a matter of pride for us that the knowledge of the therapeutic benefits of massage has come from ancient India. In our Ayurvedic memories, the amount of scientific information and methods of massage described, it is surprising in itself. There are many types of massage methods, but here we will discuss just oil massage with beauty point of view.

Health benefits of Ayurvedic massge-

Regular oil is able to carry body tremors or perform tasks used by force from the body (massage), and massage is not without skin disorder. That means that massage increases .

Ayurvedic massage makes the skin soft, smooth, strong and beautiful in touch with oil. The body is also strong and the symptoms of old age are less visible.

Body massage is about to strengthen the laborious metals, bring good sleep, cleanse the flesh, skin and blood, and vaat, cough syndrome.

After so much discussion, hopefully you should have come to understand that how important is oil massage to maintain health and beauty. In essence, the main benefit of oil massage is that the skin remains unwrinkled, and healthy. Blood circulation remains fine. The body keeps on moving fast. Various organs get strength. The body flexibility stays firmly and the old age is late. It is also a matter of particular that the body of lean people with oil massages is fleshy and strong and fat obesity decreases. Apart from this, Massage provides relief in body aches, headaches, vibration of hands and feet, vaginal disorders, joint pain, insomia etc.

Essential things for oil massage-

1. You can do oil massage throughout the year, but the time of spring and winter 3-4 months is very beneficial for this.

2. It is best to massage oil the rising sun. By the way, any time in the day with empty stomach you can do the oil massage.

3. At least the clothes should be on the body at the time of oil massage; Such as nickers, undergarments, diapers etc.

4. Normally the massage should be done at the open airspace. If the body is weak and the harsh air is running, then massage in the closed room too.

5. If both husband and wife are present in the house then they can massage each other together. It will be convenient.

6. Massage sitting on the floor and spreading ground mat on the ground. Take care of the mass that you should focus on concentrating on the same part and expressing emotions in your heart.

7.Oil massage should start from the lower limbs and start upwards. That is, by introducing massage from the sole of the feet, reach the claws, knees, thighs, buttocks, waist, stomach, sew, back, neck, face and head, respectively. Just say that after doing massage on both feet, massage the waist, stomach and sew, then both hands, neck and face and head.

8. The direction of massage should be towards the heart. Start with hand-foot massage claws and grow to the shoulders and buttocks. Massage towards the heart from the bottom to the upper side on the stomach. Do the stomach and chest massage while rotating the circular hands. Start the back massage from the spine position and slightly outward in the direction. Turn the massage of the neck from the inside out and face massage to cheeks to the church. Keep the general understanding so that the opposite of the movement of the arteries coming from the heart massages are particularly beneficial.

9. Rather than giving unnecessary pressure, instead of giving a slight pressure, massage should be done quietly. Massage for at least 15-20 minutes and up to 45 minutes.

Children oil massage-

The massage of children should be done in the morning where the sunlight is located. This will allow their body to get vitamin 'D' easily. Coconut, mustard, olive oil are better for children massage. Massage with cow ghee or butter, so much better.

Women oil massage-

The special thing to pay attention to women oil massages is that they should be careful in the massage of their breasts. Carefully massage the breasts around the front of the breast with light hands. If there is a menstrual period or pregnancy, then the rest of the body should be massaged except the stomach and uterus.

Best time for oil massage-

You can massage your body any time in day but morning time with empty stomach is best for body massage.

Useful oils for ayurvedic massage-

Given the local environment and the nature of the body, it is particularly beneficial to choose your favorable oil. Generally, mustard oil in the winter season, sesame oil in the rainy days and massage of coconut oil in summer is particularly beneficial. Then select the oil according to the physical nature cuff nature of those mustard oil, Vata nature who should choose the sesame oil and coconut oil to make bile nature.

In addition to these main oils, olive oil can be used in any season. Olive oil massages improve skin color and softens it. This oil is especially beneficial for women & vision to develop the thorax.Almond oil is also very profitable. It makes eyelids and eyebrows dense. Neem oil, Mahu oil, Aradi oil, sandalwood oil, jasmine oil etc. are also used in various ailments. According to the requirement, these oils are massaged by mixing medicines or mixing two or three oils. Like mixing coconut, parsley and sesame oil in the same area, massaging the head removes many hair problems. Mixing in the old lime sesame oil gives relief in the pain of herpes. Mixing of turmeric and fine salt in the mustard oil in all the sufferings of the pyariya disease or tooth have a great benefit from massage of teeth and gums. To bring freshness to the body and to remove the stiffness of the skin, massage should be done in half the hour before the bath in the mustard oil, mixing equal portion yogurt.

If you get rid of acne, it is beneficial to massage the face by mixing equal amount of lemon juice in coconut oil while sleeping. If the skin is scorched in the sun, mix some salt in coconut oil and massage after 15-20 minutes. 50 gm coconut oil mixed with 20 gm salt and 20 gm lemon juice, massaging the body's skin softness and beauty increases.

In the same way, a little salt and camphor should be mixed in the oilive oil and massage gums twice a day. Mixing equal quantity of honey in oilive oil, massage on the face makes the skin soft and erosion wrinkles.To reduce the blackness of the lips, regular massage should be done by adding lemon juice to almond oil. It is beneficial to massage lemon juice with equal amounts in sandalwood oil in itch, itching. Mixing of chalmogora oil in neem oil in the leprosy case gives special benefits. Massage in the problem of hives, mixing equal parts of mustard oil in neem oil gives relief. In this way, different conditions can be availed by massage by mixing various medicinal & materials and oils.

When to Avoid Oil Massage-

In spite of so many benefits of oil massage, there are some situations which may also need to be avoided. Normally these conditions are rare, they should be known and should not have oil massages for certain patients. According to Ayurveda, after bleeding, bleeding, after irritation, after vomiting, there should be no oil massage in the state of poisoning, mucus, severe swelling, inflammation, excessive weakness and some serious stomach diseases. Regular oil massage in the remaining favorable conditions and stay away from the feeling of fresh refreshment.

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