Broken Wrist and bone fracture treatment

What is the fracture in the wrist or broken wrist?

Our wrist is made up of eight small bones that are attached to two long bones of the forearm. The fracture can occur in any of the 10 bones in any bone. Fractures can occur in more than one bone. When a person tries to handle himself with his hands while falling down and falls on the ground or on a hard surface by open hands, in this situation his bone of the wrist breaks down, this is the most common cause of fracture in the wrist.

What are the symptoms of  broken wrist or fracture in the wrist?

By the way, if you get fractured you will automatically find out. However, some signs are experienced when there is a fracture in the wrist, such as pain in the wrist, wrist distortion, pain in hand, neel falling or swelling etc.

Why is fracture in the wrist?

There may be several reasons for fracture in the wrist, such as the weight of the wrist, the accidents, the collision of a heavy object from the wrist or falling from the stairs. Apart from this, osteoporosis or malnutrition weakens the bones and increases the chances of breaking them.

How is fracture treated in the wrist?

To detect the fracture of the wrist, the doctor performs X-rays and normal tests immediately after the injury, in order to confirm the fracture. On the basis of these tests, doctors choose the right treatment.

It is very important to protect the wrist from shaking when bone breaks so that the fracture can be healed quickly. For this, the doctors plaster on your wrist or bind them with hard metal wrists so that the wrists can not move. Advised to keep pain killer drugs and wrists lifted to reduce inflammation and pain. You may need a physiological exercise to correct stiffness after landing plaster. If fracture is more serious then surgery can be done to keep the bones in their place, through which the pins, plates or scales are inserted in the wrist. Apart from this, in rare cases, bone and wrist bone can be changed from any part of the body.

Homeopathy medicines for broken wrist or bone fracture:

Some homeopathic medicines for broken wrist or bone fracture with the help of which your fracture will cure quickly :

Broken wrist treatment and bone fracture

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Symphytum officinale Mother tincture:

This medicine combines the bones very quickly and it makes the medulla between the bones very quickly, which is very helpful for connecting the bones. This medicine also reduces pain as well as is helpful in correcting inflammation.

Method of taking the Symphytum officinale Mother tincture medicine:

This medicine is to drink 20 drops in half cup of water and drink this medicine three times a day.

Broken wrist and bone fracture treatment

AT Tabs SBL:

This medicine is very effective in the problem of injury, pain, swelling or bleeding. This medicine helps to connect broken bones too quickly. In this medicine, many homeopathic medicines are stored which are:

Hypericum Perforatum:

This medicine has Hypericum Perforatum, which is a homeopathic medicine, this medicine is very effective for Nerves.

Ledum Palustre:

There is also Ledum Palustre, which is helpful in healing injury.

Rhus Toxicodendron:

This medicine is very beneficial to relieve pain.

Ruta Graveolens:

This medicine is very effective for bone injury.

Bellis Perennis:

Bellis Perennis is very effective for muscle injuries.

Method of taking AT Tabs SBL medicne:

Two Tabs of AT Tabs have to be taken four times a day, you can also suck it and take it along with water. This medicine is effective for every type of Injury whether it be bone injury or muscle.

Broken wrist and bone fracture treatment

Dr Reckeweg’s German medicine:

Dr Reckeweg’s German medicine. If you get hurt, this medicine is very effective, and if you have a Fracture and due to its pain or swelling and you want to fix Fracture quickly, then this medicine is very beneficial.

There are many medicines that have been stored in this:


It is very helpful in increasing blood flow and also helps to repair the injury.


If there is any swelling in the body for any reason then this medicine is very effective.


This medicine is helpful for drying the wound, it also helps in working the wound early.

Echinacea Angustifolia:

This medicine is also effective in fixing the wound as quickly as possible.


If the blood is very flowing when the injury occurs, then this medicine is helpful in preventing it.

Rhus Tox:

It is very effective for pain relief.

Drug taking method:

R55 is also effective in injury and if your bone is broken, then this medicine is also helpful. You have to take this medicine 20-20 drops in half a cup of water three times a day.

Precautions :

You have to take these three medicines at least 15 to 20 minutes intervals.

Do not take all the medicines together.

If you are an elderly woman and your bone is broken due to osteoporosis, then take two tablets of Homeocal Tablet SBL three times a day with these three medicines. This medicine will also help strengthen your bones.

Home remedies for broken wrist or bone fracture:

Broken wrist and bone fracture treatment

1. Desi ghee:

Boil 2 spoons desi ghee, 1 spoon jaggery and 1 teaspoon turmeric and boil in 1 cup water. Drink it after cooling. By drinking it twice a day, your broken bone fast will be added.

Broken wrist and bone fracture treatment

2. Onions:

Mix a spoonful of turmeric, on a frying onion, wrap it in a clean cloth. Now heated this cloth in sesame oil and stir it to the injured place.

Broken wrist and bone fracture treatment

3. Urad Pulse (Dal):

Grind urad dal (pulses) by drying them in the sun light and make a paste. Bind it to the broken bone and apply the bandage. By doing this treatment your broken bone will be added quickly.

Broken wrist and bone fracture treatment

4.Black Pepper:

Mix peasy black pepper and cork ganga juice and drink it 3-4 times a day. Its intake will add your brokenn bone in a few days.

5.Peepal milk and Shilajit:

Mix 100 grams of Peepal milk with 100 grams shilajit and make a nice paste. Now make the pills . Eating two or two tablets with milk will add a broken bone. Apart from this, the pain will also end.

How to remove calcium deficiency or How to increase calcium:

Calcium is most essential for bone development and treatment. Due to lack of calcium in the body or less then there is a greater risk of inflammation and bone diseases. To add broken bone quickly, consume more calcium-growing ingredients.

If you eat non-veg, then eat fish.

Calcium is also more in green leafy vegetables.

There is more calcium in milk and milk, such as paneer, curd.

Women need calcium to strengthen bones during pregnancy.

Vitamin D is needed to digest calcium in the body. So eat food that is full of nutrients.

Broken wrist and bone fracture treatment

Hadjod herb(Cissus quadrangularis) Ayurvedic medicine for bone fracture or broken wrist:

Hadjod (Cissus quadrangularis)is a bone herb that is helpful in adding broken bones and protecting the body from diseases. Hadjod( Cissus quadrangularis) Ayurvedic medicines can be made by making a paste or in two ways like water.

Uses of Hadjod herb (Cissus quadrangularis)in bone fracture or broken wrist:

Dry the herb of hadjod (Cissus quadrangularis) and mix urad Dal in it and grind it and make a paste. Apply this coating when the bone is broken and bind it with clean cloth. Repeat this coating in two days. You will see rapid improvement once you take this step for a month.

Apart from connecting bone, it is also effective in treating pain . Consumption of this juice  with Ghee also benefits faster.

Measures to strengthen bone:

Regular Yoga or Exercise.

Coffee and tea drink milk instead of milk.

Avoid eating any type of supplement, eat green vegetables.

Vitamin D is available in the sunlight for some time in the morning.

Sulfur is found on onions and garlic, which is necessary for the strengthening of the bones.

Avoid canned beverages and cold drinks. This drink hollow bones.

Important note :

You should consult your doctor before using these treatments.

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