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How many things we take care of to make food healthy and nutritious. The quality of diet, freshness, the use of perfect spices and much more. But, we often forget an important thing. And that is the pot. Yes, it also matters in the nutritiousness of food that after all, what pot is being made in them. You probably do not know, but the qualities of the food you cook in the pot are automatically come in the food.

Pottery materials are also mixed with food when cooking. Aluminum, copper, iron, lead, stainless steel, and teflon are common ingredients used in utensils. Of these, lead and copper are seen to be associated with diseases. It is better that you take care of some important things while choosing the cooking material for your home. And for this you should be aware of the benefits of those utensils. Let's try to find out what types of utensils should be used, as well as how to use the utensils, the benefits can be lost-

 List of Toxic metal  aluminium and  teffoln:

Non toxic cookware

Aluminum utensils:

Aluminum utensils are light, strong and good heat conductor. At the same time, they do not even have much value. The Indian kitchen has the highest aluminum utensils. From the cooker to the pots are usually made of aluminum. Aluminum is very soft and reactive metal. Therefore, when it comes to contact with salt or acidic elements, it dissolves in it. Especially in the case of boiling tomatoes, making tamarind, vinegar or any acidic food like Sambhar etc. This also affects the taste of food.

Aluminum in food is a matter of serious concern. It absorbs iron and calcium elements from the food. That is, if they go into the stomach, they start absorbing iron and calcium from the body. This can make the bones weak. Aluminum extract has also been found in brain tissues in cases of certain Alzheimer disease. From which it is clear that elements of aluminum may also be possible causes of mental illness. If the amount of aluminum in the body is high, then TB and kidney failure can be overwhelming. It is also not beneficial for our liver and nervous system. If the researchers believe that the aluminum utensil should avoid making tea, tomato puree, sambhar and chutney etc. The longer the food in these utensils, the more suits the chemicals will consume.

Non toxic cookware

Teflon coating non-stick vessels:

Teflon coating non-stick vessels have become the first choice of ladies today. But you know that such utensils can cause many kinds of health problems. Teflon tolerates more temperatures, but its layer is threatened. In this way, the risk of getting a chemical called perfluoro increases in food. This chemical may cause asthma symptoms.

Here is the list of Non Toxic cookware:

Non toxic cookware

Iron Utensils:

Eating in iron utensils has no negative effect on our body. By eating it, the amount of iron elements in our body increases, thereby improving the level of hemoglobin and digestive problems are removed. These utensils are considered to be used only till they are eaten. They are not used in any auspicious work. Along with this, the fate flows from donating these utensils.

Non toxic cookware

Clay pots or Earthen utensils:

In ancient times, people used pottery only. The ripe food in these utensils is very tasty and nutritious. According to Ayurveda, drinking of matka(clay pot) water removes many diseases. Eating cooked in a pottery keeps you healthy throughout your life.

Non toxic cookware

Bronze and brassware:

According to Ayurveda, eating food in bronze vessels will make the brain sharp. That is why it is said to keep the water in the bronze vessel while sleeping at night and wake up in the morning and drink it first. 97% nutrients remain in the food made in bronze pots. Due to cooking food in brassware, cough and airway disease stays away. In addition, bronze utensils are used to offer sacrifice to Lord Hari Vishnu. It says that doing so keeps wealth and prosperity.

Non toxic cookware

Gold utensils:

Gold is more expensive than silver. King Maharaja used to eat food in the gold utensils. Food for men in gold utensils is considered very beneficial, because eating it in the body is strong and powerful. It is also said that Mahalakshmi's grace is always maintained on those who use it.

Food in the banana leaf:

Dinning on the banana leaf is considered to be very beneficial. Ayurveda has said that by eating food on the banana leaf, hunger increases and also gets rid of stomach irritation. It is believed in the scriptures that they are pleased to have Goddess food in the flats made from beautiful and fresh leaves.

Non toxic cookware

Stainless steel pot:

Stainless steel utensils are good, safe and economical options. It is also very easy to clean them. Stainless steel is a mixed metal, which is made by adding carbon, chromium and nickel in iron. Neither war nor iron in this metal, nor like bronze, reaction to acid etc. There is only one defect that the dishes made with it become hot soon. Therefore, when purchasing them, choose vessels that have a copper layer below them. But caution should be done while cleaning it, because it comes out of scratch on chromium and nickel.

Non toxic cookware  

Silver Utensils:

Unlike gold, silver is a cold metal. If you are eating food in this metal made, it will give your body internal cooling. The body keeps calm, making the food in its character makes the brain faster. Silver is also beneficial for the eyes. Apart from this, diphtheria, cough and air pollution control food in silver vessels.

So the next time you choose cookware to make a meal,then take care of which metal they belong to.

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